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Richard Seymore speaking about he crisis of the left, the lose of the social base, tactics and structure.The lack of left infrastructure; breakdown of traditional institutions, NGOing of left politics, personalities, spectacle, anti political tendencies, defeatism and fragmentation, the fetish of the internet, neoliberal individualism and the draw towards market structures and rebuilding symbolic social space…

City Strolls is ten years old…
Spirit of Revolt
An exciting archive being built around working class activism.

Full size Film
Universities of the commonssparkFree Universities Open learning history
Radical Independent Bookfair The RIB started running stalls and working with other organisations in October 2006

Parks Management Rules
The new council rules for parks brought out every ten years. manage-park
manage-parkLegal Minefield
Kelvingrove Bandstand The newly renovated bandstand in Kelvingrove, charges ahead.