I tried to make this a wee bit more interesting using video and stuff. These are mostly ideas from the work on the common good awareness project. These are kind of jump off points for ideas based in Glasgow. We need to look at Edinburgh and other places to collect material. Be good to do some video interviews around the work of ACE and other relative projects on east coast ECAP etc. Think it needs to be about developing community strategy around ideas that relate to vision and sustainability, rather than just protest. There is no need to go through all of this stuff. Just use it as a reference to move things around. Think of connections, what might be working better in Edinburgh, what are the strengths through here and so on.

If we build a kind of collaborative picture of these two cities we can use it to encourage other places to show interest. Maybe like Alex neighbourhood grapevine he talked about in a bigger geographic scale. So I would imagine a next step would be to connect up some Edinburgh stuff, radical library and/or counterinfo lab, ideas on gentrification. Be good to do some video interviews to. I would be up for doing that. Be good to meet and talk about collecting Edinburgh info or other ideas you may have.


1. Glasgow Power Event for Today
2. Inclusive politics
3. Deserving Change
4. Another POWER EVENT – over one year plan
5. Working Class Institutions
The Common Good in Scotland
Revel Sims on eviction in LA
The New Bohemia. Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt
The Free University Project, Glasgow 1987 – 1999
Get your message out using media – Common Good Awareness Project