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Who’s selling who?Times Exclusive

It would seem the Evening times bears more allegiance to its developer friends than it does to it’s readers. In publishing a free, three page, advert, condemning those who stand in the way of the developers steamroller. (Note the Times will usually only seem to defend buildings after they are knocked down and safely out of the way, re: “Partick, Tesco, station building” ) When they are still standing and a threat to Mr Purcell’s grand plan of, Selling us down the river, the newspaper will dedicate as much uncritical column space as it takes. Interesting to note though, is the readers comments on the article which mostly show anger for the Times and the developers, arguments. Who knows maybe the Glasgow public are wakening up to what is actually happening in their city. I hope they do – before it is completely given over to a circus of bullshit and profiteers. (New Tradeston?)

Critical Mass Pollution

The creeping begins, as the cities jewels start to slip from its hands

We do not have the same fancy brochures to help save our parks from predatory business as they have for selling them. If we don’t start talking and spreading the word between each other to protect them, the parks will soon be run down to blight level, like so many parts of our city, in order that they can be saved for the profiteers, who are waiting the side-line…

From Hutchie E and beyond – Substandard building continues to help us become sick

Old people still die of the cold and our country, along with the rest of the UK “has the highest prevalence of asthma symptoms in 13-14 year olds in the world” There are 175,000 children living in cold, damp homes, according to the Scottish House Conditions Survey.” The only thing that is up to insulation standard in this city, is the secrecy of the GCC and GHA in their accountability to their citizens and tenants – And the unaccountability didn’t just begin yesterday.

Glasgow, believe it or not, belongs to us.

The law is only the law when dealing with the less well-off in our society. All else are above it and can flaunt the laws of the land with impunity. Whether it’s the football pitch up the road, or the wee bit of green space that you take your eye off, for five minutes, the vultures of degeneration are in there.

HOUSING CONFERENCE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH 2007 Scottish Monitoring Group on Housing & Homelessness 9:30-10 Registration + latest housing news (Homes not houses)

Residents in the news – Struggles and victories Updates

Glasgow Residents Network Update. This month we have a few communications from different residents groups and campaigns and a lot of reports of activity to pass on, as well as our regular reports from the print media. Next month we will be featuring websites for Glasgow city residents associations – fire them in! Send us the URLs today.

Council votes for trust to run culture and leisure sector

Culture or casino’s makes no difference to the new renaissance.

“We have to take the big decisions which leadership demands. If we don’t grow this service this renaissance will be threatened.” Purcell.

…Europe of the Renaissance, dominated as it was by the religion of popes, the government of kings, the frenzy for money that marked Western civilization … Zinn.

Letters Herald

First of the spring city strolls. Down through Gotham City towards the river taking in the Anderson Centre – the community on stilts. Don’t be guided – be the guide. If the weathers to bad have a coffee and a chat. CCA 17th Feb 12:00 Meet in cafe. All welcome. Free. Time. Hour and a half or so. (For “Neoliberal” put it in the search link on the left) Details

Simclar, Kilwinning

More jobs sold abroad no doubt. It’s about time the workers took over the factories, it’s the only way they will keep jobs in this country.

” Dunfermline-based Simclar blamed pressure from low-cost economies” Yeah right. Don’t see any managers getting sacked. Crap redundancies, let the dust settle, open in China. Business as usual.

The Prison Industrial Complex and Modern Day Slavery

Millions of men, women and children around the world are in the 21st century still forced to lead lives as slaves – conservatively estimated to be 12 million, more than during the 19th century slave trade.

Hacking Democracy

Machines that manipulate your vote to keep people like bush in power. How come we don’t have them here yet? (Learning from the USA)

What’s behind the new gentrification of our cities.

This is a rundown of how the gentrification game works. Its from a Los Angeles based site. But don’t worry, exactly the same formula is in use here. How do you think you will score in the game? What’s the alternative? (Learning from the USA)

Selling off Glasgow – Privatising Culture

Your help is required for your city`s Common Good.


should be about encouraging, participation and local amenities, not about destroying them, in the name of sport.

“My garden is an allotment to be bulldozed for the 2012 Olympics.”

Calling all gardeners – The Olympics are planning to demolish Manor Garden Allotments to make way for a video screen……….

London 2012 ‘to be greenest ever’

Are we talking greenbacks here. Believe this pap and you will believe anything. Couple of weeks of sport on the telly, destruction of communities

Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

Cumbernauld Allotments Association


Xmas is over, the January sales are dead, Farepak is forgotten, the money-grabbers are trying to get you thinking about summer holidays, there must be more to life than this…AND THERE IS!


Save the internet

It happened withTelevision Radio Cable Now it’s happening with the net. Save Net Neutrality!


classifies the fundamental human needs as: subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, recreation (in the sense of leisure, time to reflect, or idleness), creation, identity and freedom. “

Howard Zinn on The Uses of History and the War on Terrorism

Change comes about when millions of people do little things, which at certain points in history come together, and then something good and something important happens.Watch or read’ send to a friend. Democracy now

Dawn raids to carry on over Christmas

December 15th, 2006We have just been informed that the Home Office will continue its practice of dawn raids on Glasgow’s asylum seeker families over the Christmas period.

The reverend Billy on consumption

Buy your presents locally, help the community not corporations.

Systemic banking education

Yep learning tried and tested schooling from our friends across the pond

Glasgow Residents Network Social

Residents Network Social – drinks, socialising, and a chance to meet other residents groups from across the city Saturday 16th, December

Mouse Eat Mouse

Hope the industry don’t turn em into capitalists

A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

by Howard Zinn (interview new book)

Save Dowanhill school

Come along at 3 on thursday 7th at Dowanhill and 6.30 on Monday 11th at Hillhead High – bring banners and placards

Another ‘dawn raid’ in Glasgow was stopped on Sunday morning

After a lull of many weeks the Glasgow Immigration Enforcement Team resumed its brutal practise of raiding people’s homes in the early hours of the morning.

Unity Diary

‘”She doesn’t recognise me”, the man says. I spin around to look and I do remember him. It is the man from Sudan that I took to the hospital last week. “What’s my name?” he says. I call him by his name and he is satisfied that I do remember… ‘

Pics from Climate Change Event – Walk to the Green

Check out the new Glasgow Art Calendar What’s on and putting it on.

Liam Byrne came to Glasgow yesterday and received a warm welcome. Kind of . From noborders ( Glasgow-Events)


A good chance to Protest dawn raids

2nd Conference of the Glasgow Residents Network – Glasgow community action discussion day

Michael Albert Lecture – Against Neo-Liberalism: A Vision for the Future

Not often, that one comes along with an actual alternative, to the system one wishes to get rid of. Albert offers up, Participatory Economics, as a replacement for capitalism. If you are interested in economics for human beings, this is a guy worth listening to. This won’t be a dry speech, on formulas and figures, but a dynamic discussion by an eloquent speaker, on economics – in the interest of everyone.

Strolls pages on Parecon

RIB – RADICAL INDEPENDENT BOOK FAIR The Glasgow User Manual stall at the book fair. Come and have a look at the stalls and the films. On from Fri 13 to Mon16. Document 4 : Human Rights Film Festival Program


What the purveyors of state and business, propaganda are aware of much more than us, is…

Proaganda Blog

What was Freud’s nephew (Edward Bernays) up to for 50 years.

Day of Action Pictures Asylum demo

Unity Come along and support the march for unity between people. Saturday Details “I just don’t care OK”

Social suicide, in the age of “the crazies”

The proposed humongous Tesco at Yorkhill

deadline for objections is tomorrow! 29 Sep

Tescopoly Every little hurts

Address to the United Nations

Rise Up Against the Empire

Spot of Gardening

Linwoodsucks Can we fix it

Why not start a campaign for your area

Glasgow Residents Groups Network

” If you’re involved in a residents group of some sort then get involved with the network. “

Glasgow and West Parks and Green Spaces Action Network

A first statement