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The SPOILS can currently be seen as part of the exhibition PETROTYRANNY

Free Association is an ongoing project linking current art with a living, critical archive charting new directions and recovering some of the avantgarde legacies of Scottish culture

EK new town

An interesting architectural photo essay on East Kilbride

Stuart Murray

Stuart Murray’s work is highly observational with a strong element of social commentary.


… the free arts and culture magazine.

In-depth coverage in the context of broader social, political & cultural issues.

The Drouth


Transmission was set up in 1983 by graduates from Glasgow School of Art

AK Press Better than buying from Borders

Workers Education Association Events

Glasgow User Manual – New Website

Get your place on the map

Glasgow User Manual A festival for May 2007 Participate in something to look forward to – by your own invention

Glasgow and West Parks and Green Spaces Action Network – A first statement

Vacant Photos from the archive

Document 4

Document, the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival CCA

Hizballah: A Primer

Hizballah, the Lebanese Shi’i movement whose militia is fighting the Israeli army in south Lebanon, has been cast misleadingly in much media coverage of the ongoing war.

Getting involved Stop the Murder

What is the difference between these kids and your own

Glasgow and West Parks Networking Gathering

What are the Galgael up to – Creating a human element to counter the speed boats; hamburger consumption and corporate welfare promotion, that’s the River Festival Galgael at the River Festival

Eagle Night. An evening of poetry, song and memories, celebrating of the life of Colin Macleod

“We’ve had phenomenal support from the Glasgow Housing Association and the council has been a great help making everything very easy…” No not for someone looking for a new house dafty. This is business


Propaganda Blog

Housing: Survey shows most tenants not in favour of second stage transfer. & Right to buy group demand moratorium on bills

Critical Mass Biking Fun! Every month.

Catch the Glasgow action here And be there on Friday the 28 July

Glasgow Residents Network Takes To The Streets Glasgow residents today came together to protest

Save our Buses – Save our homes

Hot off the press “GLASWEGIANS” photo archive.

Super Casinos – They will tell you everything but the facts

The Super Casino.

Women defending our schools in parliament

Stronger communities

The need to know. The publics right to be informed

International Women’s Day @ the Chalkboard

Refugee Destitution Crisis – Meeting,Govan

And some good news -Ali can stay!

7% of the population of this country owned 84% of its wealth.

Fw: The UK Fascist State Enabling Act…

Glasgow Bike Library

Anger at scheme to tarmac city park for cars

Save our Schools blog on line

Interaction Exhibition

We could stop this thing if we put our minds to it

Unity March to save our primary schools


Welcome to the Working World

Good News from the East

Future Glasgow

The Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth and Politics

Rice with Indefensible Brief; Cheney in Last Throes

I Blame The Patriarchy

March 1997. Liverpool v SK Brann. European Cup Winner’s Cup Quarter Final

Support local community, everywhere .Broadway market London.

Anxiety culture

Spend some time in the Mitchell

Parks “R” Us The US, as usual showing the way

Save Our Homes, Meeting Tomorrow Thursday, Dec 1

A weekend out with Critical Mass

Urgent cal lout – Tree cutters moving into Dalkeith country park, Edinburgh

An Urban Clansman’s’ Perspective

Is it time for a “real” public debate on Glasgow parks


Selling the river

Report on A highway Plan for Glasgow 1965