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Document 7 – International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.Call For Submissions Deadline: 5th June 2009

101 Damnations
Angry Artworks is looking for submissions from artists / visual creators for an exhibition / publication in 2010 Deadline – 31st August 2009

The collapse of capitalism? Time for something else?
With so many corporations on the dole, banks being bailed out are we not in fact experiencing..

Understanding the Crisis – Markets, the State and Hypocrisy Chomsky
“So the depth of the crisis is pretty severe — we’re not to the bottom yet — and the architects of this are the people who are now designing Obama’s economic policies. ”

Expanding the floor of the cage Chomsky
“One of the slogans that they use which is relevant here, is that we should “expand the floor of the cage.” We know we’re in a cage. We know we’re trapped. We’re going to expand the floor, meaning we will extend to the limits what the cage will allow. And we intend to destroy the cage. But not by attacking the cage when we’re vulnerable, so they’ll murder us. ”

Details & BW flier here A city Stroll. Look out for Strolls updates

School Crisis
crisis. noun: a crucial stage or turning point in the course of something.

Schooling is something we should be proud of as citizens – that we afford and gift to all of our children to learn skills that would help them guide a way through society in enjoyable, useful, cultural, peaceful and creative ways. The value of school has become for those who profit off the back of our kids, a cost – nothing more.

Education is becoming another cash-cow – along with motor-ways, mega-events, industrial murder and environmental lunacy – built on an economic system that’s only gain for it’s advocates should be the shame that has been avoided in order to perpetuate a remit of – profit for the few and misery for most.

Neoclassical economics, is dead. (do we need more proof) What we are experiencing at present, is – in it’s dying embers its proponents want to pull down everything they can from the public estate, that can be hurriedly turned in to private profit – before we all finally admit the game is up and something different needs to happen

Turning point?

Schools need to become the place where our kids can learn the new economics and value systems that will help us to get out of the mess we are in. Schools need to become a valuable possession not just a cost – administered by accountants with there eye only on the bottom line. We need to take direction from the families and particularly the mothers of the kids who will lose out on the present financial rationalisation of our schools. We need to listen to them. They know and have an instinct of what there kids need. The responsibility of the people who are closing our schools only lasts till they are out of office – generations of families have to live with the consequences of their actions.

The present campaigns springing up to save Glasgow schools, and schools all over, is heartening and are being community led. Please support our communities by supporting them.

Save us from the “educated”

Meadowbank Velodrome in Edinburgh.
Prove there is a legacy from Commonwealth Games for folk who want to do sport. I’m sure Glasgow City Council could find a couple of million out of their lavish games budget to stick a roof on the velodrome as a gesture of Commonweal. “Triple Olympic medallist Chris Hoy has given his backing to the campaign to save Meadowbank from closure. The most successful Scottish Olympian of all time learned his craft in his home town of Edinburgh and readily admits he wouldn’t have achieved his record haul had it not been for the Meadowbank velodrome. Yet Edinburgh Council plan to ignore thousands of objections and demolish the velodrome – plus the neighbouring international athletics stadium and sports centre – and replace it with a cut-down complex that doesn’t’t cater for most of its current sports, including cycling.”

Common Good Watch
– Free land for developers
– Polluted soil from london
– Health inequalities between rich and poor
– Friends of Glasgow Parks?

City Strolls Collaborative Audio
Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas Talks about his work. More Audio here

Maryhill Burgh Meeting: The financial crisis – how’s it going to affect us in Maryhill. A public meeting for Maryhill and beyond: Woodside Halls, 7:30PM, Wednesday the 26th of November Tenants, Homeowners, Rates payers, Claimants, Refugees, Migrants: ALL WELCOME PUBLIC MEETING: for the whole community

Migrant Cities Conference Glasgow, Trades Hall 26 November 2008 Migration – Challenges and Opportunities The impact of migration is changing the nature of the cities throughout Europe. The Migrant Cities conference will consider and address the opportunities and challenges that this poses in the wider context of intercultural dialogue and community relations. The conference will also launch the findings of a comparative research initiative commissioned in partnership with the Institute of Public Policy Research.

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