As America awaits more violent attacks, (Act II) time for some reflection

I don’t think the moron nutcases attacking the capital are the main problem. They are kind of puppets for the main regime, the Cristian fundamentalist. The clean cut people in the wheelhouse charting the course. Remember when they were talking on US news outlets about UK cities being run by Muslims, which people here were perplexed at.

What about the great swathes of cities and whole towns in the US run by christian fundamentalists. The people US citizens should really fear. Who’s schools teaching creationist theory and perhaps business studies and not much else. Real cult community takeovers, Kids completely cut off from the world around them. Eyes glazed over talking about god and their fear of hell. These municipalities of god are not run by the morons sent in to do the dirty work at the capital and elsewhere, but are run by cool collected business minded psychopaths. Those who expound “all sinners who do not believe will go to hell”, even if they have to send them there themselves. Do you think these Cristian extremists care about the “capital” The Capital is a tourist attraction, a mythological symbol to keep simple minds believing that there might be something relating to a democratic process going on in there. Do the fundamentalists even believe in god? That’s a moot point. Whether they do or don’t makes absolutely no difference because faith bares no reasoning or resemblance to anything that is happening in the world outside of it. And they probably understand perfectly more than any one else that the stupidity of faith over reason is the main reason they can rule. And they will and are ruling, no matter who is running the vaudeville act at the Whitehouse.