City strolls is an participatory project and to some extent will rely on the ideas and efforts of the participants. That is not to say direction and support is not offered. But one of the main ideas is to encourage creativity and confidence and a sense of involvement in the individuals own creative worth concerning our city. It has taken me a year to get this project of the ground. Mostly because I could not build web pages and was ignorant of the technological tools. I had to rely on others to learn. But ultimately the sacrifice of time has to be made otherwise you are dependent on the skills and knowledge of professionals.


I did not understand therefore I asked. And as Einstein answered, when asked about how he went about his research: “I grope” That is how you find out about anything whether it’s your city or your soul you grope.

And as you grope.Think as a person who has an vested interest on what you are observing (for you have). Don’t limit your opinion to what you see by asking “.Do I like it?” or “Do I not like it?” But. What is it

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