Strolls Beginnings

These pages were from the start of City Strolls, 10 years ago. The idea was if you don’t get out and about nothing happens – or you won’t be aware of what does. We went for walks, not guided tours but participatory tours learning from each other. As well as looking at nice building, we would look at developments and ask what is this, what is it doing here and what has it got to do with me? So much can be learned about the city and its people when you walk to engage rather than usually walk to go from A to B.

Confused and bewildered by what goes on around you? Well join the gang your not alone. CITY STROLLS is a web site born out of listening to the endless hyperbole given out by faceless public relations and the advertising machines that claims to speak and act in our name on maters and decisions concerning our city and our liberty. CITY STROLLS believes, The only way to change circumstances that affect our lives is to organize community events and communications that will have an impact on these decisions.

  • If you are interested in looking at things from a different angle or perspective
  • Pursuing ideas for art; photography, architecture and critical observation
  • Share skills; ideas, on things that shape your community and environment
  • Developing an idea of what community and environment mean, within the city?
  • Or just having a chat or a stroll with like minded people – its you this site is for.


The navigation at the right is the CITY STROLLS pages and will give you some idea behind the ethos of the project.
If you click on a topic that contains more than one page – such as Politics -Learning etc. The titles will appear for that section at the bottom of the navigation. list .Long pages have been broken up by some content titles.
Some sections contain more than others. These will be added or subtracted to as the site develops..

Section updates

I will endeavor to keep all of the sections on the site updated on a regular basis but, as I am a one man band some sections may suffer less attention than others. If you feel this the case and there are aspects you would like to see developed more or would be interested in contributing input. Let me know

The “Learning” section I hope to develop into workshops and would be interested in anyone with anything to offer, add or suggest. I would hope that workshops would be run as an open discussion format rather than a teacher / student setup.

I will endeavor to display links. references, reading materials, and contacts that have connections to the pages and would be interested to hear of others from you.. Hope there aren’t to many tYpos or many excruciating spelling mistakes. I work on the philosophy of the Chinese newspaper editor who, “leaves some mistakes in, in order to give his readership the pleasure of finding them .( That’s my excuse anyway) ” Enjoy. Bob



As a participatory web site your input and views are important. I would like to thank people who have emailed so far with suggestions corrections and views, especially, CITYS STROLLS New York connection and Strolls back- room technical and soundboard advisors Luke and Brian. Keep them coming.