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The Free University Project, Glasgow 1987 – 199?
The Free University started in early 1987 and emerged out of various events across the areas of education, art, politics and literature. It proposed an inter-disciplinary approach to learning not based on vocational skills, and to challenge the loss of community and neighbourhood. It intersected with many projects and gave rise to more specific, semi independent interest groups. The FU dispersed in the early nineties. Some of the original members involved in independent publishing and autonomous art projects at the time including Here & Now, Variant, Edinburgh Review, the Saltoun Art Project, and others – will attempt some observations on the continuities across the two decades. All welcome. Audio Short explanation

Street Level Photoworks 48 King Street

Coffee with the riff-raff (Strolls archive)

“Our relationship to the built environment is perhaps the most crucial element to the quality of community life.”

The Forum : ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5HA

Eastwards Ho! A New Urban Frontier?
The study brings together interviews with a number of the
participants and an archive of photographic material from the campaign.
This material is currently being edited and is scheduled for publication
in 2013.

‘Given to the People’ (2008)
Given To The People is a study of the Pollok Free State. The Free State was initiated by the actions of local resident, Colin Macleod, who began a tree top protest against the building of the M77 motorway through public woodlands in Pollok, Glasgow, in the early 1990s. Over several years this grew into a series of camps across Pollok. It sought not only to block an unwanted motorway cutting through one of Europe’s largest inner city public commons, land that had been gifted to the people of Glasgow, but also raised issues over the rights of local people to determine the use and development of public space. It was part of a bigger ‘No M77’ protest across Glasgow that included many groups, including Earth First!, Glasgow For People and Scottish Militant Labour, as well as attracting support internationally.

‘The London Particular: The Occupation’ (2001) & ‘The London Particular’ (2004). The sordid reconfiguration – through gentriication – of life, death, and work on the fringe of the city of London.

‘Five Ring Circus’ (2007). Scathing documentary about the false promises of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and the social, economic and environmental impacts of the event.

‘Polly 2: Plan for a Revolution in Docklands’ (2006), Anja Kirchner and David Panos. Mixing popular forms (Brecht, the Western), Kirchner and Panos pursue a dramatic canvas for their critical take on regeneration.

‘The Spectacle’. A series of community based films challenging the rhetoric of regeneration in the east end of London.

Organised by Variant collective

Common Good News
from around the burghs. Post updates on Common Good progress. The good the bad and the ugly – country wide. Be a common good detective. Need inspired look here.

The Independent Republic of the Canongate

The common Good in Scotland Film
Scottish land reform researcher Andy Wightman explaining the basics of Common Good assets in Scotland. Common Good are land, buildings and artefacts that have been given to the people of a burgh or town as common property and for benefit of their common wellbeing. For more information see:

Peripheractions A project exploring sense of place (Drumchapel)
Around the world, the neo-liberal city pushes active citizenship to the margins; questions of citizens’ rights to make use of urban space are now an issue on the agenda of public discourse.

Say NO To Plastic
Of the estimated 17 billion bags given away in the UK each year, most are only used once and then thrown away. On average we use a plastic bag for 12 minutes before discarding it. The Environment Agency estimate that if everyone in the UK stopped using plastic bags and switched to using reusable bags, we would save enough plastic bags to tie around the earth 103 times!

This is the Olympics the West wanted:
games where the grandest prize is not a gold medal but a glittering entree to China’s seemingly endless army of potential consumers.

Universal Football Club is a truly multicultural club based in Glasgow… …It was set up to challenge and combat racism in football throughout Glasgow’s communities by bringing multi-racial groups together to play the sport without having to worry about race, religion or cultural differences.

FC United
is different to the vast majority of other football clubs in England because it is owned by its members – a principle enshrined in its constitution

The Olympics Scam
Iain Sinclair (LRB) This is East London, four years short of that 17-day corporate extravaganza…

The Govan Fair Pictures

Variant Reply
Please find below and attached Variant’s reply to the “inaccuracies or defamatory statements” alleged by James Doherty, Media Manager, Culture and Sport Glasgow (and current president of the NUJ), to be in the article ‘The New Bohemia’ by Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt, Variant issue 32, Summer 2008. Of the 20 points Doherty raises, we maintain that there are merely 4 insignificant errors — which we are happy to correct — and hardly grounds on which to deny the public the right to be informed. We can confirm that this issue of Variant has been removed from all CSG venues. Readers might be concerned to find out what has happened to these copies and when they will be made available to the public.

Leigh French co-editor, Variant

“The arts & culture magazine ‘Variant’ has been banned from Tramway
…the private company set up to take over the running of culture and sport from Glasgow City Council, has issued an order banning Variant magazine from Tramway. “Wonder why? See below.

The New Bohemia
“The referendum on Scottish devolution on September 11th 1997 was a historic moment for our country. But the ‘Yes Yes’ result was not a mandate for politicians, civil servants, local government officers or any other public sector officials to take on extra powers ‘on behalf of the people’.” Bridget McConnell, 1997 “A year ago, Variant asserted that “one of Glasgow’s proud boasts is that of the free access to museums. How long will that last if the Trust gets into financial difficulties?” Somewhat predictably, it has just been announced that the feted Kelvingrove Museum will be introducing admission charges. It would seem to be an appropriate moment to take a closer look at the formation of Culture and Sport Glasgow,”

Archive 16


The SPOILS can currently be seen as part of the exhibition PETROTYRANNY

Free Association is an ongoing project linking current art with a living, critical archive charting new directions and recovering some of the avantgarde legacies of Scottish culture

EK new town

An interesting architectural photo essay on East Kilbride

Stuart Murray

Stuart Murray’s work is highly observational with a strong element of social commentary.


… the free arts and culture magazine.

In-depth coverage in the context of broader social, political & cultural issues.

The Drouth


Transmission was set up in 1983 by graduates from Glasgow School of Art

AK Press Better than buying from Borders

Workers Education Association Events

Glasgow User Manual – New Website

Get your place on the map

Glasgow User Manual A festival for May 2007 Participate in something to look forward to – by your own invention

Glasgow and West Parks and Green Spaces Action Network – A first statement

Vacant Photos from the archive

Document 4

Document, the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival CCA

Hizballah: A Primer

Hizballah, the Lebanese Shi’i movement whose militia is fighting the Israeli army in south Lebanon, has been cast misleadingly in much media coverage of the ongoing war.

Getting involved Stop the Murder

What is the difference between these kids and your own

Glasgow and West Parks Networking Gathering

What are the Galgael up to – Creating a human element to counter the speed boats; hamburger consumption and corporate welfare promotion, that’s the River Festival Galgael at the River Festival

Eagle Night. An evening of poetry, song and memories, celebrating of the life of Colin Macleod

“We’ve had phenomenal support from the Glasgow Housing Association and the council has been a great help making everything very easy…” No not for someone looking for a new house dafty. This is business


Propaganda Blog

Housing: Survey shows most tenants not in favour of second stage transfer. & Right to buy group demand moratorium on bills

Critical Mass Biking Fun! Every month.

Catch the Glasgow action here And be there on Friday the 28 July

Glasgow Residents Network Takes To The Streets Glasgow residents today came together to protest

Save our Buses – Save our homes

Hot off the press “GLASWEGIANS” photo archive.

Super Casinos – They will tell you everything but the facts

The Super Casino.

Women defending our schools in parliament

Stronger communities

The need to know. The publics right to be informed

International Women’s Day @ the Chalkboard

Refugee Destitution Crisis – Meeting,Govan

And some good news -Ali can stay!

7% of the population of this country owned 84% of its wealth.

Fw: The UK Fascist State Enabling Act…

Glasgow Bike Library

Anger at scheme to tarmac city park for cars

Save our Schools blog on line

Interaction Exhibition

We could stop this thing if we put our minds to it

Unity March to save our primary schools


Welcome to the Working World

Good News from the East

Future Glasgow

The Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth and Politics

Rice with Indefensible Brief; Cheney in Last Throes

I Blame The Patriarchy

March 1997. Liverpool v SK Brann. European Cup Winner’s Cup Quarter Final

Support local community, everywhere .Broadway market London.

Anxiety culture

Spend some time in the Mitchell

Parks “R” Us The US, as usual showing the way

Save Our Homes, Meeting Tomorrow Thursday, Dec 1

A weekend out with Critical Mass

Urgent cal lout – Tree cutters moving into Dalkeith country park, Edinburgh

An Urban Clansman’s’ Perspective

Is it time for a “real” public debate on Glasgow parks


Selling the river

Report on A highway Plan for Glasgow 1965

Archive 15

Who’s selling who?Times Exclusive

It would seem the Evening times bears more allegiance to its developer friends than it does to it’s readers. In publishing a free, three page, advert, condemning those who stand in the way of the developers steamroller. (Note the Times will usually only seem to defend buildings after they are knocked down and safely out of the way, re: “Partick, Tesco, station building” ) When they are still standing and a threat to Mr Purcell’s grand plan of, Selling us down the river, the newspaper will dedicate as much uncritical column space as it takes. Interesting to note though, is the readers comments on the article which mostly show anger for the Times and the developers, arguments. Who knows maybe the Glasgow public are wakening up to what is actually happening in their city. I hope they do – before it is completely given over to a circus of bullshit and profiteers. (New Tradeston?)

Critical Mass Pollution

The creeping begins, as the cities jewels start to slip from its hands

We do not have the same fancy brochures to help save our parks from predatory business as they have for selling them. If we don’t start talking and spreading the word between each other to protect them, the parks will soon be run down to blight level, like so many parts of our city, in order that they can be saved for the profiteers, who are waiting the side-line…

From Hutchie E and beyond – Substandard building continues to help us become sick

Old people still die of the cold and our country, along with the rest of the UK “has the highest prevalence of asthma symptoms in 13-14 year olds in the world” There are 175,000 children living in cold, damp homes, according to the Scottish House Conditions Survey.” The only thing that is up to insulation standard in this city, is the secrecy of the GCC and GHA in their accountability to their citizens and tenants – And the unaccountability didn’t just begin yesterday.

Glasgow, believe it or not, belongs to us.

The law is only the law when dealing with the less well-off in our society. All else are above it and can flaunt the laws of the land with impunity. Whether it’s the football pitch up the road, or the wee bit of green space that you take your eye off, for five minutes, the vultures of degeneration are in there.

HOUSING CONFERENCE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH 2007 Scottish Monitoring Group on Housing & Homelessness 9:30-10 Registration + latest housing news (Homes not houses)

Residents in the news – Struggles and victories Updates

Glasgow Residents Network Update. This month we have a few communications from different residents groups and campaigns and a lot of reports of activity to pass on, as well as our regular reports from the print media. Next month we will be featuring websites for Glasgow city residents associations – fire them in! Send us the URLs today.

Council votes for trust to run culture and leisure sector

Culture or casino’s makes no difference to the new renaissance.

“We have to take the big decisions which leadership demands. If we don’t grow this service this renaissance will be threatened.” Purcell.

…Europe of the Renaissance, dominated as it was by the religion of popes, the government of kings, the frenzy for money that marked Western civilization … Zinn.

Letters Herald

First of the spring city strolls. Down through Gotham City towards the river taking in the Anderson Centre – the community on stilts. Don’t be guided – be the guide. If the weathers to bad have a coffee and a chat. CCA 17th Feb 12:00 Meet in cafe. All welcome. Free. Time. Hour and a half or so. (For “Neoliberal” put it in the search link on the left) Details

Simclar, Kilwinning

More jobs sold abroad no doubt. It’s about time the workers took over the factories, it’s the only way they will keep jobs in this country.

” Dunfermline-based Simclar blamed pressure from low-cost economies” Yeah right. Don’t see any managers getting sacked. Crap redundancies, let the dust settle, open in China. Business as usual.

The Prison Industrial Complex and Modern Day Slavery

Millions of men, women and children around the world are in the 21st century still forced to lead lives as slaves – conservatively estimated to be 12 million, more than during the 19th century slave trade.

Hacking Democracy

Machines that manipulate your vote to keep people like bush in power. How come we don’t have them here yet? (Learning from the USA)

What’s behind the new gentrification of our cities.

This is a rundown of how the gentrification game works. Its from a Los Angeles based site. But don’t worry, exactly the same formula is in use here. How do you think you will score in the game? What’s the alternative? (Learning from the USA)

Selling off Glasgow – Privatising Culture

Your help is required for your city`s Common Good.


should be about encouraging, participation and local amenities, not about destroying them, in the name of sport.

“My garden is an allotment to be bulldozed for the 2012 Olympics.”

Calling all gardeners – The Olympics are planning to demolish Manor Garden Allotments to make way for a video screen……….

London 2012 ‘to be greenest ever’

Are we talking greenbacks here. Believe this pap and you will believe anything. Couple of weeks of sport on the telly, destruction of communities

Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

Cumbernauld Allotments Association


Xmas is over, the January sales are dead, Farepak is forgotten, the money-grabbers are trying to get you thinking about summer holidays, there must be more to life than this…AND THERE IS!


Save the internet

It happened withTelevision Radio Cable Now it’s happening with the net. Save Net Neutrality!


classifies the fundamental human needs as: subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, recreation (in the sense of leisure, time to reflect, or idleness), creation, identity and freedom. “

Howard Zinn on The Uses of History and the War on Terrorism

Change comes about when millions of people do little things, which at certain points in history come together, and then something good and something important happens.Watch or read’ send to a friend. Democracy now

Dawn raids to carry on over Christmas

December 15th, 2006We have just been informed that the Home Office will continue its practice of dawn raids on Glasgow’s asylum seeker families over the Christmas period.

The reverend Billy on consumption

Buy your presents locally, help the community not corporations.

Systemic banking education

Yep learning tried and tested schooling from our friends across the pond

Glasgow Residents Network Social

Residents Network Social – drinks, socialising, and a chance to meet other residents groups from across the city Saturday 16th, December

Mouse Eat Mouse

Hope the industry don’t turn em into capitalists

A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

by Howard Zinn (interview new book)

Save Dowanhill school

Come along at 3 on thursday 7th at Dowanhill and 6.30 on Monday 11th at Hillhead High – bring banners and placards

Another ‘dawn raid’ in Glasgow was stopped on Sunday morning

After a lull of many weeks the Glasgow Immigration Enforcement Team resumed its brutal practise of raiding people’s homes in the early hours of the morning.

Unity Diary

‘”She doesn’t recognise me”, the man says. I spin around to look and I do remember him. It is the man from Sudan that I took to the hospital last week. “What’s my name?” he says. I call him by his name and he is satisfied that I do remember… ‘

Pics from Climate Change Event – Walk to the Green

Check out the new Glasgow Art Calendar What’s on and putting it on.

Liam Byrne came to Glasgow yesterday and received a warm welcome. Kind of . From noborders ( Glasgow-Events)


A good chance to Protest dawn raids

2nd Conference of the Glasgow Residents Network – Glasgow community action discussion day

Michael Albert Lecture – Against Neo-Liberalism: A Vision for the Future

Not often, that one comes along with an actual alternative, to the system one wishes to get rid of. Albert offers up, Participatory Economics, as a replacement for capitalism. If you are interested in economics for human beings, this is a guy worth listening to. This won’t be a dry speech, on formulas and figures, but a dynamic discussion by an eloquent speaker, on economics – in the interest of everyone.

Strolls pages on Parecon

RIB – RADICAL INDEPENDENT BOOK FAIR The Glasgow User Manual stall at the book fair. Come and have a look at the stalls and the films. On from Fri 13 to Mon16. Document 4 : Human Rights Film Festival Program


What the purveyors of state and business, propaganda are aware of much more than us, is…

Proaganda Blog

What was Freud’s nephew (Edward Bernays) up to for 50 years.

Day of Action Pictures Asylum demo

Unity Come along and support the march for unity between people. Saturday Details “I just don’t care OK”

Social suicide, in the age of “the crazies”

The proposed humongous Tesco at Yorkhill

deadline for objections is tomorrow! 29 Sep

Tescopoly Every little hurts

Address to the United Nations

Rise Up Against the Empire

Spot of Gardening

Linwoodsucks Can we fix it

Why not start a campaign for your area

Glasgow Residents Groups Network

” If you’re involved in a residents group of some sort then get involved with the network. “

Glasgow and West Parks and Green Spaces Action Network

A first statement

Archive 14

People talking People talking People talking People talking audio

Common Good for Beginners

If you don’t know what the “Common Good” is, especially if your young, and haven’t heard the term. Hopefully the following will help in understanding it better – through ideas and sequence of events of what privatisation, in general and of the Common Good, can mean.

Edinburgh at risk – You Tube

GRN Hustings – The Future of Glasgow’s Communities

Do you want to highlight an issue going on in your community? Do you feel what passes for a political debate never talks about your community’s problems and concerns? Here’s your chance to raise your issues for once in a high profile public debate! The Glasgow Residents’ Network and the Scottish Tenants’ Organisation

The Common Sense of the Common Good

If there’s a positive side to the issue of the Common Good. It is, the transfer is reminding folk that the Common Good exists. There is no reason that this decision can’t be reversed with enough public pressure, if that’s what the public want. Nothing unusual in this, it’s happened before. (Check the forum. Let’s hear what you think.)

Govanhill Baths Community Trust (update)

No we have not disappeared we have been busy on various projects and the Friends of the Baths have been meeting every 2nd and fourth Tuesday and building towards the submission of the Business Plan the council requested for end of July after granting us a 99 year lease last September.

GlasgowLOST New website on loss of “Common Good”

So we have to be advised on how to run our Common Good by an American Neo Con. I suppose it figures. Why can’t we have someone from Hugo Chávez’s, Venezuela, or someplace that supports democratic ideas.

Common Good Games” booth at GalGael Govan. Come to Buchanan Street on Thursday between 12:00 and 2:00. Have some fun and create awareness of the Common Good and what it means.

Common Good Links (Updated regularly)

It’s our City “we” need to look after it. There are no “new” leaders of any political persuasion who are going to do it for us. People collectively created the Common Good, and only through our collective vigilance to protect it, will it survive and be of benefit to the next generation. If Any leader tells you they they can do this for you – They’re lying.

Workers City ( Glasgow: European City of Culture 1990)

In the light of the hard facts of life as it is lived by people at the bottom of the heap in Glasgow, it is difficult to see the ‘culture’ tag as being anything other than a sham accolade to help grease the wheels of capitalist enterprise and smooth the path for the politicians. It is little wonder working-class Glasgow remains unimpressed.

Petition by Councillor Ann Watters, on behalf of Kirkcaldy Civic Society, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to introduce legislation to provide better protection for common good sites

Privatising Culture

A One-Day Symposium hosted by Variant Magazine CCA, Glasgow 31 March 2007 . 10.30 – 5pm . FREE

Come to the symposium on Saturday, the more you know about this stuff, the more inclined you will be to recognise the future repercussions it will have for the the city and it’s citizens futures.

Common Good Games (Unprivatising Culture)

Who’s up for the “Common Good Games” Help to create awareness of our heritage, our history and future well being, through enjoyable activities, that all can join in.

What they will tell you (Privatising Culture)

The patronising reply to a letter concerning the cultural sell-off. Privatisation was only a thing Thatcher did and the public only own some bits of the public estate?

What they are telling the staff (Privatising Culture)

“Welcome to this special edition of Contact magazine, which is dedicated to updating you on Culture and Sport Glasgow, the new company responsible for delivering cultural, leisure and outdoor recreation services in Glasgow.” (Inhouse magazine updates for council workers

City Strolls on Sunny Govan Radio April 2nd (Common Good)

Set your alarms, put it in your diaries, tune your radio’s to 103.5 FM Sunny Govan Community Radio will launch our full-time FM schedule on Wednesday 28th March 2007 . Please keep checking the website as more details will be announced shortly. Normal programming continues online.

Housing News posted April 07

Links to various housing issues

Overcrowded Schools Protest

Come and protest against overcrowded schools on this Wednesday 21st March at 3pm at Dowanhill Primary!

Council Real Estate

Kelvingrove Park needs a cafe like a hole in the head. Man your tripping over cafes on the way into the park on all sides.

Shades of Park Privatisation & positive alternatives

Here are some ideas to help to understand how we are coned out of Common Good land and property. Why can’t they

Govan Film Festival

ViewPoints free film festival, Glasgow

Films, talks and film workshops exploring migration and asylum themes.

The Burgh Angel 5th edition will soon hit the street. If you have news that you think we should be talking about let us know. Check website for details Get your place on the map.

Also. If you would like to go down to Glasgow City Council with a wheelbarrow and collect your share of the “Common Good” before they sell it. let me know and we could all go down together.Free Science things. The Runaway Universe. Full program

Glasgow City Council Pathfinder for Cultural and Leisure Services Outline Business Case – 8. Key risks

Plans of how the City Council mean to speed up the privatisation of public owned, property and services, before anybody twigsMore Updates & Links added What the unions are saying & Leisure Trust Failure

What are we waiting for

“I can’t imagine one wee town, in the whole of the Western Hemisphere, who wouldn’t be rioting in the streets, if it were happening to them.”

Council plans on museums ‘against party policy

The policy states: “We will look at ways to ensure the legitimate incentives that apply to charities are not used as vehicles for outsourcing by local authorities.”

Letters to Herald “Common Good” (pdf)

Common Good Asset Register

Reply to letter sent to George Black Chief Executive: A range of legal agreements will govern the services to be delivered by the company including arts and museums, libraries and community facilities, sport, events and social renewal.

The buildings that Glasgow is proposing to hand over

to the new charity. How many do you think belong to the people of Glasgow?

Is Glasgow doing enough to preserve its parks?

Evening Times Survey Someone suggests “Maybe the City Council would have done better if the question was: “Is Glasgow doing enough to sell-off its parks?”…” 16% yes 83 % No

Links on related stuff “Common Good”

What the unions are saying – Leisure Trust Failure

Woodlands Community Council Response

to 107 flats and car park.At Park Quadrant. Tom Johnstone for Woodlands/Park Community Council in defense of Charles Wilson’s Park Circus architecture. (pf)

Rushed decision to transfer control

M E Mackenzie (February 27) is right to draw attention once again to the woeful lack of information and prior consultation by Glasgow City Council regarding the transfer of control of certain services and assets to a separate charitable company.

Subterranean home sick blues Selling the “Common Good”

Herald letters

Good news for City Strolls from Common Wheel

Special needs cyclists – Canals – Rickshaws – Access.

Although the corporate bulldozer is smashing apart our communities, there are positive examples here and there of projects actually making good things happen and of space opening up for leisure and free time.

Archive 13

“Inappropriate to local needs” Halifax’s failed bid for the Commonwealth Games
(Report PDF) From the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives , a report issued in March 2007 about Halifax’s failed bid for the Commonwealth Games: Take heed Glasgow.

Faslane 365 Big Blockade 1st October 2007
It is an issue that cuts across all others, the £70 billion they have voted to spend on renewing Trident would easily solve the health, housing and environment problems in Glasgow and could be invested to create enterprise that people want.

History from below  (Event)
The phrase ‘history from below’ is the product of a group of French historians known as the Annales school. It is their description of an approach to subjects and areas previously considered historically unimportant… … we take this loose grouping as the starting point for the making and study of history as a contested field in which ‘the below’ plays an active role.

Say bye bye – Let the Great Privatisation begin…
The following Culture and Sport Glasgow tenders are available on They reveal officially – for the first time – the real extent of the potential impending danger to the private company’s 2,500 current employees. (GlasgowLOST) Is there anyone involved in campaigns concerning Common Good issues, or want to start or join one, help out in one. Remember the CG covers a lot of ground. It will affect us all probably sooner rather than later – particularly in Glasgow where the privatisation plans are much more advanced than elsewhere. Email

From our Edinburgh friends

Some people have taken the time to collect addresses and present ideas for letters, organise petitions – and work ceaselessly to try and protect our Common Good. But “we” also need to say what we think.

Now there are official folk who can do, and have to do things when we register our complaints or queries. But if they don’t know (i.e. we don’t tell them) they can do nothing about anything. Here is some advice on how to go about having your say. It’s easy:

“Concerned individuals and community organisations are now in a position to begin a fight back! You are urged to write to the Chief Executive of your local council asking for accurate, up-to-date information on common good assets held on your behalf by your local authority. Use this link [ChiefExecs.PDF] to obtain the name and address of the relevant chief executive; below are skeleton sample” letters and further information and advice.

Kennington Park birthplace of People’s Democracy
Public Executions * A Radical Black Methodist * The World’s First National Labour Movement * The Chartists * the Significance of 10th April 1848 * The World’s First Photograph of a Crowd * The Occupation of Our Common by the Royal Park * The Horns Tavern and Charlie Chaplin * The Princess of Wales Theatre * The Scandal the Unmarked War Grave * The Squatters * ‘Red Ted’ * The Return of the Commons Spirit

Galgael at the River Festival 14-15-July 11-6 pm
All this weekend Galgael will be highlighting there skills crafts music and community by the banks of the Clyde at the science centre. This year they will be joined by the Kinningpark arts for a double bill of fun and doing things. No excuses for somewhere to go, or to take the weans this weekend. And you will get the chance to see GalGael’s new marquee which will be available for hire in the future!

Last years pictures 2007

Klondike park Kelvingrove
In case people are unaware the authorities are proposing to build a school in Kelvingrove Park. The experts see the idea as a wonderful opportunity, most parents and locals involved see the idea as stupid. I find it difficult to waste time on their reasoning for this school anymore. The basic difference is. One side want there kids to go to a safe, secure, local educational, environment and the other can only think of how to make money from anything, (that’s public) they can get there hands on.

Variant 29 Summer 2007

All you want to know about Brand Street Immigration Centre but were afraid to ask

Haringey Federation of Residents Associations
a wee taster of just what is possible when we get together and build democratic structures where residents groups and campaigners can come together, free from political interference or bureaucracy, which can help us co-ordinate and gain a real say in our communities, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations have produced a new film, which stands as an example of just what is possible.

Glasgow Residents Network: See here for summer Conference. If you want to help also(or make a film even): 07976718111

10 things you should know about Culture and Sport

Andy Wightman, an author and researcher who has been campaigning on the Edinburgh Common Good Fund for the past 18 months, will be the speaker. He said: “Across Scotland, hundreds of millions of pounds in funds and capital assets are missing from Common Good Funds. This wealth belongs to the people and this talk will highlight how this state of affairs has come about and what should be done about it.

The Story of the Common Good Fund”, will take place at St Stephens Centre, St Stephens Street on Wednesday 27 June at 19:30 BST.

Archive 12

Families of Stockline victims call for new law
Families of workers who died in Scotland’s worst industrial accident in a generation yesterday called for new corporate killing laws and condemned the financial penalty imposed on the operators of the factory involved.

SOOT The Canongate Community Forum is campaigning against Edinburgh City Council’s plans to demolish listed buildings and people’s homes in the Canongate Remember you can be any age, nationality and live anywhere to comment on Planning Applications. Little things. It’s the little things that count. The wee bits and pieces that slowly disappear each day and before you know it they are gone for ever. While our city falls to blite our city council are busy, not putting it to right but organising business people and big events organisers to come in and take it over.

Wobblies ( Industrial workers of the world)
The Scottish Exec may take the credit but it was the grassroots campaign of students & workers at Crichton backed up by the UCU and IWW (industrial Workers of the World) which kept the issue alive and refused to accept Muir Russell’s plans, which created the possibility of this decision being reversed

Edinburgh schools campaign forces SNP retreat
School students protest outside Bonnington primary school in Edinburgh (Pic: Kate Tomlinson) A vigorous campaign by parents and pupils has put a stop to Edinburgh city council’s proposal to close one in six schools.

Entremundos Radio
For five years, Entremundos has been a hub and contact point for volunteers and Non Governmental Organisations, in this culturally rich but historically troubled part of Guatemala. The Western Highlands, overwhelmingly indigenous Mayan, were a bastion of resistance to the military dictatorship during the Civil War

Life in Wine Alley (Brian McQuade)
I was born in 1950 and brought up in Govan in the Moorepark housing estate or the Wine Alley, as it was commonly known. It was regarded at the time as perhaps the worst slum in Britain, and the people who lived there were treated like vermin by the authorities whom we treated likewise. It was a ‘them and us’ attitude that persisted right up until the Wine Alley was demolished in the late 1990’s. Maybe the megaphone is to try and tell the council leader something he doesn’t want to hear, about how the staff feel [and the public] about the councils senior management. pdf Who knows what they will come up with next in these developing times pdf.

War On Drugs; The Prison Industrial Complex
If this doesn’t scare folk and make you wonder where neoliberalism will take us, as we follow the USA model. Don’t know what will.

Whats my name fool You can watch, read or listen here for the following details
“In 1996 in Atlanta, keep it in this country. You had, according to the ACLU, 10,000 black homeless men arrested without cause, and you had a scandalous situation that they swept under the rug where police were found to fill out arrest slips in advance of arresting people… …you know, ironically this image of the new South that President Clinton attempted to project at the 1996 Olympics.”

Glasgow makes final push for Commonwealth Games
Is there anyone out there who was asked to back the bid? We would be interested to know how the question was put. Don’t Back The Bid!

Glasgow Core Paths Plan (More creeping )
Is the intention to replace in the public consciousness the concept of rights of way with that of core paths ‘giving’ access – which gift might subsequently be bureaucratically revoked, whenever it is felt desirable so to do, by those who consider themselves to be our masters?

Common good assets being given to new leisure Trust?
For the attention of Ronnie Hinds, CEO Fife Council. Please find below for your information a copy of an e-mail sent to all 78 councillors in Fife.

Aborigines lose welfare appeal right
THE Commonwealth will remove normal rights of appeal for Aborigines in the Northern Territory, prevent customary law being considered in sentencing and give itself open-ended powers to acquire land or ban alcohol under legislation to be introduced to Parliament today. (No surprises there then)

We only hear of the victors of the “business” games, never the victims
(Olympics Greece)“You won’t hear about it in NBC’s gauzy coverage, but Amnesty International estimates that anywhere between 40 and 150 construction workers died in work place accidents building Olympic facilities. The new center right government of Costas Karamanlis, terrified of international embarrassment for not having a modernized infrastructure, turned the screws to finish facilities by any means necessary”

Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign
Don’t Let Employers Get Away With Murder 9.30am, Thurs 2nd August Demonstration – Glasgow Sheriff Court, Carlton Place (adjacent to Mosque)

Other information:

Families Against Corporate killers

Corporate Accountability

Simon Jones campaign

Health and safety executive

Hazards Campaign

schnews Casual Killers


IWW Union

Archive 11

Common Good Sites (Protection) (PE1050)

The medium is the message – Council creeping
What devious plot can these Children be up to? Could this experiment cut down to size one of the worlds biggest corporations?

Save Our Schools
(objections-to-new superschool + comments) comments.html If you haven’t had a chance yet to communicate your objections to the new superschool to the planning department, try to do so soon, before the end of this week.

How to untie the knot
The need for appropriate ownership and access regimes. Toby Lloyd Land &Liberty Autumn /Winter 2002/3

Wednesday: Podcast Interview with Tery one of Document 5 Group

Tuesday: Podcast, from “Broth Mix Cafe” at Doc 5

Cloud cuckoo land from the games bid
“Games car free ” Why are the trying to build a dirty great motorway then? “Most of Glasgow’s venues would be within 20 minutes of the athletes’ village in the East end of the city. By 2014 the 500 million pound M74 extension, the Glasgow Airport rail link, and the 69 million pound East End regeneration route should be completed. More than 10,000 athletes, officials and journalists will travel in buses using dedicated “Games Lanes” where traffic lights will turn green to speed up journeys “

More Granfallooning (for public consensus) up the Maryhill canal. Come on children get a nice balloon and see the shiny lights, because you won’t be able to afford a house here when you grow up. More Illuminating links Here and Here PDF

Stop the Council Cuts Edinburgh
Edinburgh’s SNP and Lib Dem Council planned to close 6 Nurseries, 13 Primary Schools, 3 High Schools and 4 Community Centres – we stopped them. But what’s next?

Peoples Speeches
Aye there’s hope yet when the folk get the fire in there belly and speak out for there own kind of change. Edinburgh people telling there council what they think of the the council cuts and the gentrification for their city. More here from: Save Our Old Town on Caltongate plans

The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

“I get an increasing number of emails from folk concerned about how common good assets are being managed (or not in many cases). This is encouraging and a sign that awareness and interest is growing. It is probably time to create some kind of structured campaign or network and these appear to be emerging in Edinburgh and Glasgow (see Friday 11 May news below). I’ll leave it to others to take the initiative here. My role is to undertake research and analysis.” A Wightman

Common Good Land – Progress

Living in a Bubble: Credit, debt and crisis MUTE
Are we about to pick up the tab for the financial elite’s decades long free lunch? And if total monetary collapse is a way off, is this because the social crisis and repression we already face are deepening? Whose crisis is it anyway, and if it comes, who is going to come out on top?

Olympic Games and Housing Rights
Our anger at the many examples of communities and individuals who had been forcibly evicted from their homes and lands in order to make way for sports stadiums, new hotels, car parks, or pretty façades,

Dispatches : Britain’s Bad Housing .
The Government doesn’t care where you live; whose house gets knocked down, how much the Labour party receives in back handers from developers.

The Supermarket that’s Eating Britain Who needs ID cards when you got Tesco’s

The Chrichton campus campaign
A successful campaign against the axing of an institute of learning – Timescale for the campaign

Archive 10

The Public Interest Research Network
The network is not a think tank or a lobby group. It does not take corporate funding. Its members are committed to uncovering the truth behind the spin and evasion which clogs up much public debate. Also:

Sarah Glynn page School of GeoSciences
Positive Action in Housing’s New Migrants Action Project is organising information sessions for refugees recently granted leave to remain, particularly those granted status via the case resolution (legacy) programme

Deadly Cargo – New Camcorder Guerillas Film
Nuclear weapons are regularly transported in secret convoys on ordinary roads in Britain. How close do they come to you? Find out the chilling truth about these lethal convoys, how they are tracked by people in the NukeWatch network and how you can help stop them. The Scottish launch will be in the Glasgow Film Theatre on 29th March, 12.30 -2pm. Admission free. The film scrfeeening will be followed by guest speakers and a Q & A.

Pink Elephants in the Botanic’s. (Avoid seeing what the council want’s you to see)

January Reshuffle pictures. (More to come and video soon)

They will never tell us when we succeed
The one thing that comes out of these campaigns [Canongate] is that the peoples voices can be heard. It may take all of our energy and invention to fight the biggest banks, the fancy law firms and our own councils. (Who continuously work against our interests, using our money to fund others interests) We need to break from the one dimensional thinking that money without meaning or accountability can fix our cities. People are the sustainable dynamic of city life – our most valuable and under used asset.

Wednesday the City of Edinburgh`s Planning Committee decided they want to go forward with the legacy they were left from the previous New Labour administration.

Shopping Town USA: Victor Gruen, the Cold War, and the shopping mall
These so-called ‘shopping towns’ were supposed to strengthen civic life and structure the amorphous, mono-functional agglomerations of suburban sprawl. Yet within a decade, Gruen’s designs had become the architectural extension of the policies of racial and gender segregation underlying the US postwar consumer utopiaIs it time for a Save our Parks, city wide campaign with a remit of zero tolerance to any form of private business in any of our parks?

Save Our Botanic’s
To oppose, by campaigning, supporting legal action, or by any other legal means, the proposed development by G1 Group PLC or its subsidiaries to develop a site within the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow, by the construction of a nightclub, café, restaurant, and conference centre (or any part thereof);

Independent Republic of the Canongate
Edinburgh campaigners showing us the way then? And the could teach us a few lessons in joind-up-campaigning to. Meet some of our friends from the east at the Jan Reshuffle. See some of what they’re up against here. EH8

LASAAC has now released the final guidance on accounting for the common good. The guidance, entitled Accounting for the Common Good: A Guidance Note for Practitioners was the subject of an successful initial consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. The guidance sets out consistent and modern financial reporting requirements as well as prescribing, for the first time, the formal requirement for asset registers.Glasgow Corporation Common Good 1914An account of Glasgow’s Common Good written by the Town Clerk, John Lindsay, and published by the Corporation of the City of Glasgow in 1914.

“The social movements that exploded in Argentina that December not only transformed the fabric of Argentine society but also highlighted the possibility of a genuinely democratic alternative to global capital. Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina is the story of those movements, as told by the men and women who are building them.” Author, activist, Marina Sitrin, Interview Sunny Govan (audio) Lets bang some pots and pans and kick out a few Governments.

Common good a concern for us all
The press has been littered with cases where there has been public outcry that the council is trying to sell or develop ground that is not theirs to do so. Many of these protests focus on land and property classified as “for the common good”. Whether it is plans to develop Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens or Edinburgh’s controversial blueprints for Caltongate, there are persistent claims that councils are disregarding the safeguards surrounding common good assets.”

Save our Glen (Community campaigning and history) This site was set up as a result of the recent attempts to commercially develop Pittencrieff Park (The Glen) and the massive outpouring of public opposition to that move.

Welcome to Scottish Commons
New Common Good website – With CG Quick guide “I am also looking for correspondents – people who can act as a contact for the exchange of information on common good in specific burghs. If you or anyone you know would like to be one, let me know – it involves being named on the relevant burgh page (but no contact details unless you wish otherwise). In the longer term I envisage a correspondents conference of all correspondents in scotland’s 196 and more burghs. ” Andy Whightman

The Spine
As HM Revenue & Customs loses 25 million confidential records in the post, the programme to introduce a centralised NHS database slouches on, only delayed by a classically wasteful PFI project. Total data transparency may be good for corporations and security obsessed governments, but what does it mean for the recipients of ‘joined-up care’?, asks Damian Abbott

The Herald whoring for the motorway again
(sorry, “setting out the overwhelming economic case” for a road that cuts our distribution costs a wee bit). [M74] The city that is still building it’s dream on a primitive technology that is poisoning the planet. The excuse: It will create jobs; It will unblock the traffic, Bullshit – It will create vast profits for the contractors. The employees will be imported for the duration of the construction and will then disappear out of town along with the profits and our subsidies. The only things that will increase for people – is the pollution, the traffic, the 4x4s from the suburbs and the intercity shopaholics, who will drive any distance for a bargain – and of course the Business and property section of the Herald. That’s the ” overriding economic case”

GPs threaten to block national patient database
One in two GPs have signalled their intention not to upload patients’ clinical details to the NHS Care Records Service (NCRS) without explicit patient consent, in direct opposition to Department of Health (DH) policy.

Washing Machine Misery
Cleanliness is next to healthiness ” Tenants in high flats across Glasgow have been left without working washing machines. To do a wash, their machines have to be filled by hand with water. Glasgow Housing Association know about the problem, and know how to fix it. But shockingly, GHA are stalling with the fixes.”

GalGael re-visits the “Pollok Free State” on the anniversary of Colin Mcleod’s birthday and GalGael’s 10th year. This picture was taken in the same woodlands a few hundred yards away from the motorway the community of Pollok fought so hard to stop. Worth fighting for pictures here Sound and Poems here

“It is no secret that I am a life-long admirer of America. I have no truck with anti-Americanism in Britain or elsewhere in Europe and I believe that our ties with America – founded on values we share – constitute our most important bilateral relationship. And it is good for Britain, for Europe and for the wider world that today France and Germany and the European Union are building stronger relationships with America.” More US Brown nosing here

Climate March Join the people of over 60 other countries on calling on there politicians to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Archive 9

Reshuffle May 17th(Video)
The Radical Independent Bookfair will be setting up stall along with a whole host of activities, talks, films, groups and who knows. You can be part of it – help make the day as good or better than the last one. That’s the challenge. Make community work – be part of it. Look out for updates here soon.

Workshops for an active creative community
Woodside Halls, Sunday 1st June, 3pm Glenfarg St. / Clarendon St.

Saturday 24th May 10am-4pm Common Good is the name given to the inherited property of the former burghs of Scotland. This land and assets still exist and still belong to the people and could be a significant resource for regenerating local communities.. Common Good expert Andy Wightman will be in attendance along with others involved in campaigns throughout the country. Come and get involved in reclaiming the rightful inheritance of the people of Scotland. Spend the day withl those involved in reclaiming our Common Good. Discussions, talks, films….information to take away so you can become a Common Good The Canongate Project 8 St Mary’s Street Edinburgh (Just off royal mile)

CCA film night for the Dear Green Place
Communities, the Common Good and Climate Change – a film night for the Dear Green Place, at 7pm, Wednesday, 14th May 2008, CCA cinema (CCA 4) Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow Admission free

Rent Wars of East Harlem: It Takes a Village to Raise Hell
Movement for Justice in El Barrio (MJB), who are fighting off efforts by their new landlord to evict tenants from 47 rent-stabilized and rent-controlled buildings in East Harlem, also known as El Barrio. Since the 47 buildings were bought by Dawnay, Day Group, a privately owned British bank

Has society turned its back on itself?
Take a day out in Edinburgh with the weans, or go for a walk around the old town. A full program of fun from May 3 to 14 June Canongate Community Doing it for Themselves
The Tesco Public Local Inquiry (PLI)is starting on Tuesday 22 April at 10 am on City council premises ie Cafe George at 266 George St.

Stop Tesco owning Partick

All tomorrows Particks

Given to the PeopleFriday 18th April – Sunday 20th April

GalGael Boatyard for Google Map

As part of the Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Visual Art,
Artist Simon Yuill explores the story of Pollok Free State through film combining original footage, interviews with Free State participants, and specially composed music by Glasgow band Foxface.

Friday 18th April 2008, 7pm.

Special launch event, showing the film

with live music from Foxface.

Saturday 19th April 2008

Screenings of film. 1pm to 5pm.

Sunday 20th April 2008

Screenings of film and public discussion.

1pm to 5pm, talk starts at 3pm.

All events FREE

here Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign

Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of Graham Meldrum begins 17th March, Glasgow Sheriff Court




Lists of  pages links from old site. Not in any particular order, roughly in time sequence.

An Event: Wee intro to common good fund And. How can our communities be reconnected to our commons. What kind of imagination, collaborations, practical ideas and strategies can we build into what we already have around us to raise the profile and to take back the commons. The Commons and the Collective Imagination – gathering- Kinning Park Complex Sunday 26th May 2:00 – 5:00the-commons


A vision for the Future of Allotments Andy Whightman

Today the Scottish government has published a very welcome consultation paper (media release & consultation paper) on the future of allotments. The reform and modernisation of allotment legislation will form part of the forthcoming Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill and this consultation is the opportunity to get the allotment bit of that bill right.

Glasgow Allotments Forum
Glasgow Allotments Forum. We have more GAF Talks in 2013 so make sure you have a look and see if there’s anything of interest to you

North Kelvin Meadows at City Chambers George Square fighting for what should be happening in all of our communities.

Spirit of Revolt
Looking after our own history is the only way to stop it being commodified or as another cut in government spending. The Spirit of Revolt archive being set up at the Mitchell library is a grassroots initiative that will help to keep our history in public hands. The archive will have much to record on the last 30 years of struggle against neoliberalism in this city and beyond.

Building institutions Farmhouse project
Many of our institutions of learning and socialising have been swept away with deindustrialisation. Rebuilding social spaces and protecting the ones we have against aggressive privatisation will be an imperative in the 21st century – along with the reclaiming of the commons. The Farmhouse and garden are part of our commons.

Sturgeon in disability row over 2014 Games [Herald]
DEPUTY First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is being targeted by protesters who want the controversial “fit-for-work” benefits test company Atos dropped as a sponsor of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

ATOS unfit for 2014…… Games
A new campaign against Olympic worldwide partner Atos is set to be launched with the aim of getting Glasgow 2014 to drop them as a sponsor of the Commonwealth Games.

Dear Green Place from James Urquhart on Vimeo.
A short film about North Kelvin Meadow – a green and wild community space in Glasgow that is under threat from property developers. If you think nature is more important than a high-end new-build then please help the campaign to save the meadow by sharing this film, by signing the online petition and by lodging an official objection to the planning application here:


The Big “R” is coming your way

Notes: Common Sense – Making Connections – Starting Conversations

Common sense, comes from the idea that if enough of us believes something through mass experience – that is, when the vast majority of folk agree about something that usually comes out as being what is termed, common sense.


The everyday problems of people

Activism and the dissociation from popular struggles
Many of the campaigns concerning, anti war, anti capitalism, occupy, ordinary people can feel threatening and antagonised by. While this work can be important it doesn’t mean much to a lot of people. How the activist starts to think less about incomprehensible rhetoric and meaningless discourse and starts to relate to the folk we will need to carry off major social change, is a constant problem in movement building. If our campaigning, groups, ideas and movements don’t assist with everyday problems of people, is there any reason for them to be successful? Critical Connections at the Reshuffle.


Glasgow neoliberalism has a history
Neoliberal, Glasgow, is about some people taking things off of a lot of other people, in order to make money, then trying to convince those who have been robbed, that they should love it. (01:29Min)

Documentary : interviews with Workers City opposition to Glasgow 1990 European Capital of Culture (43:36Min)

Oral heritage under threat from pan loaf taliban.
Edinburgh University’s cunning new idea of destroying this archive – the largest archive of folk literature and folk history the Scots and Gaelic languages, an archive that took 60 years to build and was meant to safeguard these cultural artefacts for Scotland. (This maybe being resolved but why would it come up in the first place?) School of Scottish Studies


Family Fun Day at the Reshuffle Saturday 16th june

Chrisis of community Sunday17th June


Glasgow Detroit film