Opening up (Open Source and the commons)

Opening Up Francis McKee In November 2003, Wired magazine published an article on the rise of the open source movement, claiming that. “We are at a convergent moment, when a philosophy, a strategy, and a technology have aligned to unleash great innovation.” Open source ideology has now moved beyond the coding and programming to inform more »

Common good assets being given to new leisure Trust?

For the attention of Ronnie Hinds, CEO Fife Council Please find below for your information a copy of an e-mail sent to all 78 councillors in Fife. Common good assets being given to new leisure Trust? Dear Councillor, as an elected representative in Fife you will be aware that you have the responsibility of ensuring more »

How to untie the knot

The need for appropriate ownership and access regimes Toby Lloyd Land & Liberty Autumn/Winter 2002/3 Breaking the multinationals’ stranglehold on natural resources is vital if everyone is to benefit, but Toby Lloyd believes what is really needed are appropriate ownership and access regimes. Too often, this debate has been presented as a straight choice between more »

They will never tell us when we succeed

The one thing that comes out of these campaigns [Canongate] is that the peoples voices can be heard. It may take all of our energy and invention to fight the biggest banks, the fancy law firms and our own councils. (Who continuously work against our interests, using our money to fund others interests) With only more »

Subterranean methods to shift control of assets

27 February 2007 Herald Letters I Have now heard from the chief executive of Glasgow City Council, in reply to my recent letter about the council’s surprising decision to transfer council assets (including common good – heritable and moveable – assets) to a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. I understand that, following the more »

Rushed decision to transfer control of Common Good

M E Mackenzie (February 27) is right to draw attention once again to the woeful lack of information and prior consultation by Glasgow City Council regarding the transfer of control of certain services and assets to a separate charitable company. Common good assets included in this transfer were donated or bequeathed to Glasgow by many more »

Council plans on museums ‘against party policy’

Plans by Labour-run Glasgow City Council to hand over control of its museums, galleries and sports facilities to an independent charitable trust is against party policy, it has been claimed. Opposition politicians and unions have pointed to Labour’s latest policy document which opposes the creation of charities for outsourcing services, claiming there is a massive more »

What are we waiting for ?

(Frustration at lack of public interest in the privatisation of Glasgow’s Common Good Fund) Is there something, someone’s, missing here. Have the Government developed a brain scanner that removes facts and info from peoples minds – when there’s something they just don’t want folk to hear about. I hope so, I really hope so. I more »