Pink Elephants in the Botanic’s.

(Avoid seeing what the council want’s you to see) When defending the public estate – Why we should never engage in discussions about architecture One of the oldest battle tactics in the book as any old campaigner will tell you is – drawing the enemies fire. This technique is designed to confuse the opponent into more »

As elected representatives of the Pinkston Drive Tenants

Sighthill’s Pinkston Drive – What the tenants want we would like to put in a final request that we be allowed to address the Regeneration Sub-Committee directly. For the past five years we have lived with the threat of demolition hanging over Sighthill. We have fought tirelessly to keep our homes and save services like more »

“The Scottish Executive is open for business”

The New Regeneration Statement, The Royal Bank of Scotland & the Community Voices Network Chik Collins Introduction: “Ministers felt the need to say something about regeneration” The language of civil servants can be provocatively obscure. So it was when Alisdair McIntosh, head of regeneration in the Scottish Executive, came to Glasgow University at the beginning more »

Klondike park (Kelvingrove)

In case people are unaware the authorities are proposing to build a school in Kelvingrove Park. The experts see the idea as a wonderful opportunity, most parents and locals involved see the idea as stupid. I find it difficult to waste time on their reasoning for this school anymore. The basic difference is. One side more »

Tchai-ovna Tea Room under threat

8TH JULY PRESS RELEASE BY: TCHAI-OVNA HOUSE OF TEA, FRIENDS OF THE KELVIN, RESIDENTS OF KELVIN BRIDGE AREA, BUSINESSES OF KELVIN BRIDGE AREA, CARNIVAL ARTS. With the support of: local celebrities from: Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian and Phil Kay, Councilor Niall Walker, MSP Patrick Harvey and MSP Tommy Sheridan CONFRONTATION BETWEEN A UNIQUE COMMUNITY more »

Flats development Garnethill – The need for unity

UPDATE : FLATS DEVELOPMENT GARNETHILL / THE NEED FOR UNITY Unfortunately I arrived at the consultation meeting concerning the planning application for 5 blocks of flats in Garnethill, near the end of the meeting. (due to the wrong time in the poster) However a summary was given to those who arrived at the latter time, more »

PETER ARNOTT & PETER MULLAN Beechgrove Garden Festival

Beechgrove Garden Festival (Alec and Dougal potter about with watering cans, trowels, etc. Centre stage, a floral sheet or cloth covers two more figures. Dougal looks up and addresses the audience.) Dougal: Oh, Hullo! Alec: (also taking note of audience) Hullo, there! Dougal: Hullo and welcome tae the Beechgrove Garden Roadshow. And today, Alec and more »