Open Learning

Free University Open Learning “Workers City; the subversive past”. 45 mins duration. A documentary chronicling some ideas around radical Scottish working class history. Interviews with: Farquhar McLay, poet, editor of “the Voices of Dissent” and “Workers City” anthology of prose and writing, subtitled the Real Glasgow Stands Up’. John Taylor Caldwell, archivist, biographer of Guy more »

Farmhouse Project

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Myths that surround exams Lesson Plans

by Bertell Ollman From Z Net Psychologist, Bill Livant, has remarked, When a liberal sees a beggar, he [sic] says the system isn’t working. When a Marxist does, he [sic] says it is. The same insight could be applied today to the entire area of education. The learned journals, as well as the popular media, more »

Sports, education in the capitalist economy

One question that inevitably comes up in casual conversation down the pub or wherever when the topic takes on political overtones is. “If your so interested why don’t you get into politics then? ” This question, which is usually a put down and implies. Political interest is for politicians and experts and is the concern more »

North South East West Collection

We have a powerful weapon the enemy seems to lack, creativity. Free creative thought is at the core of ideas and progressive change. If we are to change the regressive institutions in our communities and replace them with our own, we need to learn new and also share our creative skills. Two questions How come, more »

The intellectual life of the British Working Classes

Booklist Jonathan Rose p60 (Chapter, Mutual Improvement) To all this must be added countless informal networks for sharing reading matter. In the first years of the nineteenth century, shepherds in the Cheviot Hills maintained a kind of circulating library, leaving books they had read in designated crannies in boundary walls. The next shepherd who came more »