The case of North Kelvin Meadows and The Glasgow Effect

North Kelvin Meadows Think about it. Is there another campaign at present in the city that has used its assets, common sense, media, resources and everything else to the best of their ability? Can you think of another campaign that has as good a prospect of winning, if given the right support? A project that more »

Ian McHarg 1920-2001 Scottish landscape architect Design with nature

From: Andy Whightman blog Ian McHarg died this day in 2001 (NY Times obituary). He was a Scottish landscape architect who made his name in the University of Pennsylvania where he founded the world famous Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning in1955. He was born in Clydebank in 1920 and (for those with an more »

How to untie the knot

The need for appropriate ownership and access regimes Toby Lloyd Land & Liberty Autumn/Winter 2002/3 Breaking the multinationals’ stranglehold on natural resources is vital if everyone is to benefit, but Toby Lloyd believes what is really needed are appropriate ownership and access regimes. Too often, this debate has been presented as a straight choice between more »

Tchai-ovna Tea Room under threat

8TH JULY PRESS RELEASE BY: TCHAI-OVNA HOUSE OF TEA, FRIENDS OF THE KELVIN, RESIDENTS OF KELVIN BRIDGE AREA, BUSINESSES OF KELVIN BRIDGE AREA, CARNIVAL ARTS. With the support of: local celebrities from: Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian and Phil Kay, Councilor Niall Walker, MSP Patrick Harvey and MSP Tommy Sheridan CONFRONTATION BETWEEN A UNIQUE COMMUNITY more »

Parks Public Insulation Document

The public have been consulted, So everything can go ahead as planned Scotsman article in full: “City parks to invite private companies to join in shake-up”   The questionnaire in question, copy Quotes from Scotsman article: “GLASGOW’S reputation as the “dear green place” is to be reinforced with a multi-million pound plan to breathe new more »

Victoria park campaign History

Thoughts on two newspaper articles concerning Glasgow parks – Victoria and Ruchill Beware the statement “We have a unique opportunity” That’s how the idea, to turn Victoria Park pitches, into a car park was framed. Here we are again, it’s part of the old one two. What do you want in your parks – Well more »

Threatened green space history

Some past parks issues covered by City Strolls  for reference. Glasgow and West Parks and Green Spaces Action Network Beware the Trojan Horse of cuddly capitalism The business people, aided by public servants, have a pit of money (including ours) and manpower and also the business media, to push through any capital making, strategy they more »