Relating to article – Journalism, Secrecy, and The Intercept By Glenn Greenwald and Michael Albert By Michael Albert Source Z Communications Some months back I interviewed Glenn Greenwald to appear on both ZNet and New Left Project –  just as this article is appearing on both. The interview was substantive instead of an interviewer attacking and Greenwald parrying. The more »

Open Learning

Free University Open Learning “Workers City; the subversive past”. 45 mins duration. A documentary chronicling some ideas around radical Scottish working class history. Interviews with: Farquhar McLay, poet, editor of “the Voices of Dissent” and “Workers City” anthology of prose and writing, subtitled the Real Glasgow Stands Up’. John Taylor Caldwell, archivist, biographer of Guy more »

Movement building

“Power concedes nothing without a demand.” Frederic Douglass As well as figuring out how we can frame things in our own interests, we also need to be aware of how what we do fits into the bigger picture. If our aim is to make any important fundamental institutional change history will tell us the first more »