Relating to article – Journalism, Secrecy, and The Intercept By Glenn Greenwald and Michael Albert By Michael Albert Source Z Communications Some months back I interviewed Glenn Greenwald to appear on both ZNet and New Left Project –  just as this article is appearing on both. The interview was substantive instead of an interviewer attacking and Greenwald parrying. The more »

The Control Game

Public involvement or public relations: what does it mean? A reference guide for recognizing political/social control tactics by power brokers, large corporations, public relations firms, and government entities.    By E I N Tactic 1 — Make it impossible for people to be involved: These typical control tactics set things up so that it’s difficult and more »

The Granfalloon Technique

Extract from: Age Of Propaganda “My God,” she said, “are you a Hoosier?” I admitted I was. “I’m a Hoosier, too,” she crowed. “Nobody has to be ashamed of being a Hoosier.” “I’m not,” I said. “I never knew anybody who was.” —Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle   “One of the most interesting and often most more »