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Remember the G8. Fashion Issue (triangulation) Quick definitions ( Fashion ) noun :    characteristic or habitual practice noun :    the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior noun :    how something is done or how it happens ( Example: “In an abrasive fashion” ) verb :    make more »

Talking to Kids about Class

By Cynthia Peters My daughter had been studiously observing the Stop and Shop employee who was bagging our groceries. As she left the store, she seemed perplexed about something. Finally, she asked her father, “Dad, is bagging groceries a really bad job?” It turns out that in one of the homes where she plays a more »

Who are the real druggies

Welcome to the “Harper’s Index” of teenage myths! (Deemed unsuitable for reprinting in publications Left to Right) updated 12/28/01 1. WHO ARE THE REAL DRUGGIES? Number of US deaths involving abuse of heroin in 1999: 4,801. Number which were teenagers: 33. Number over age 35: 3,389. Number of US deaths involving cocaine (including “crack”) in more »

My generation

By Michael Albert How would a person in your school, workplace, or neighborhood saying “we need a revolution” or “I am a revolutionary” or “justice requires a revolution,” sound to those listening? Quaint? Anachronistic? Sectarian? Juvenile? Laughable? I just turned fifty. I remember being twenty and particularly the hostile feelings I then had about most more »

Rebirth of the cool

page I Cost of style regarding social Identity What are we going to do with all these young folk. What if they start asking questions. What if they start realising what is going on. What if they figure out, we are invoking the real big brother, as we spoon feed them the game. We will more »

Urban angst

“The call is for all young people to wake up and make change in this world before this world has permanently changed them. “ Liberating youth Your parents can’t do it for you. The education board, the jobs market, or even the lifestyle advisors, charismatic heroes and media icons. The angst is. The awareness, that more »


Problem Children The youth in our communities are one of the most useful scapegoats for societies ills. It is not youth that creates most crime, control most wealth, make the law, start wars (only fight them), control corporations, empower politicians, control television, education and public relations firms. Youth do not generate billion pound industries, third more »