Civil rights


Maybe it is time a civil rights movement. A civil rights movement that represented the vast majority of the people – but a movement that also recognise’s the civil rights infringements in our own communities, in our own patch. To understand and help what happens in other countries it is imperative we understand what is happening outside our front door. We live in a country where real wages haven’t gone up in 30 years and everything else, especially rent has gone through the roof. These things are being felt all over the place in UK civilised society.

Why do we need a civil rights movement? To counter the reinvention of slave labour, the poor house, a society that lets old ladies die and undiscovered for weeks and sometimes months. UK £800 billion in debt, highest fraud ever and we are no richer, wiser, nor fulfilled. It isn’t just be the poor who are hurting, our society is hurting. Learning to care and take responsibility for other people are the fundamental principals and basis for a civil society. We do not have to go far to protecting the innocent and condemning those who live of the weak. Opening our eyes to the wider cosmos helps us to grow out of the contemporary concern of the personal, a major barrier to a progressive civil society and something that is encouraged by those who profit and gain power in a fragmented and uncivilised world. But while we teach the world about civil society, we also need to be aware of those we can sometime reach easiest in our own communities.

“I favour the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it must be enforced at gunpoint if necessary”. Ronald Reagan