We each have a limited amount of energy so it is very important that we think about where, when, why and how we place it.

Heat sink – dissipating energy

In electronics components are mounted onto a a heat sink. When components heat up this energy is dissipated (distributed) through the heat sink. In this scenario usually to stop them overheating which may be detrimental to the appliance they are part of. The opposite in an electric fire for instance the energy is transferred to heat.

In political life we have the equivalent of heat sinks, components such as ideologies, and propaganda, that are put in place to absorb energy, not for heat, but to render it impotent. Misplaced energy can also becomes detrimental to the movement. Figuring these things out and where to place your energy is the basis of political life and of strengthening the movement for change

If we have the education, and a secure background we need to start to use this power to help organise and create understanding for those who need the help. It will include things we don’t really want to do, because in today’s struggle we will need to do without some things, how much will depend on how and where we place our energy. We need to find our place in the movement for change in order to place energy in the right places.