National interests

When we are asked to “look after the national interests” we may conjure up images of the health service, education, welfare and such like. But more than likely when the government speaks of the national interest, they will be meaning the welfare of the banks, big business, shareholders, and such like. Bailing out banks who have crashed through no fault but their own greed and high risk taking is part of protecting the national interest. Propping up big business through tax breaks, government grants, the use of our courts to collect debt accrued by the fault of bad business practice are all part of protecting national interest.

We used to live in a welfare state for people. We now live in the welfare state for the rich. Corporate tax evaders, use our roads, pollute our rivers, exploit our education system and still seek compensation and government hand outs. Industries that have been privatised such as British Rail, to make them run cheaper and more effective the new rail owners are subsidised by millions of pounds of tax payers money. All part of supporting the national interest.

The “national interests”, should be the interests of the nation, all of it and its people. Housing, education, health, and what the citizen feels is important, is what the national interest should be about. It is a myth to suggest that we protect the national interests, when we are supporting failed “private interests”.