Life can be less complex when we have a set of principals to guide us. Where do we draw the line. How do we make decisions in what is a complex and confusing world.

Our principals should not be so rigid that they stop us from doing things. High moral principals are not much good if we are trying to help people. We sometimes have to do what we have to do.

Every day we are faced with new challenges that test our resistance levels, our tolerance, our capacity for understanding. Things that were taboo not so long ago are pushed to the side and revalued on the slide rule of money.

Old fashioned community which most of us crave is rendered uneconomic. It is uneconomic to care for the elderly lady who lives alone, to worry about those who have lost their job, to find the time to care outside of the family.

There is a tendency in crisis to look inward when the healthy thing to do is look outwards. We all carry some of the burden of the victim, even when we ignore them, because we are sociable animals, we want to care, but don’t want to get involved.

Having a set of guiding principals is useful because principals are about values, not financial values, which are linier, but values such as spending time, caring, concern. Thing that when we can stop worrying about them we can enjoy and incorporate into and enrich our lives.