Property is theft

“Show the people that our Old Nobility is not noble, that its lands are stolen lands – stolen either by force or fraud; show people that the title-deeds are rapine, murder, massacre, cheating, or court harlotry; dissolve the halo of divinity that surrounds the hereditary title; let the people clearly understand that our present House of Lords is composed largely of descendants of successful pirates and rogues; do these things and you shatter the Romance that keeps the nation numb and spellbound while privilege picks its pocket.” Tom Johnston (Quoted in The Poor Had No Lawyers A.Whightman)

That we watch on as the stupidity and aggressive nature of property ownership continuously unfolds in front of our eyes is mankind’s greatest achievement in the indoctrination of the masses. While the rich eat up all before them to resell and to hang the mortgage around the neck of the worker, the landlord tightens the rental noose around the mortgage-less and the rest can go live in the street. Such is the way of the “rentier society”. For that’s what it is, it has nothing to do with democracy or choice, it is to do with our ability to pay those who do nothing, the rent of their deciding?

Even the intellectual, the academic, the teacher, the most knowledgeable all buy into the rentier myth. That the very thing that curtails our freedom – is the very thing we pay into believing that it enhances it.


Property is the theft of our freedom.