Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones”. Bertrand Russell.

There were times when those who could read the stars were the “great leaders” The bosses of the medieval church lead through the cultivation of mythical, unearthly beings and the belief in miraculous miracles – which still persists today. Employers in the Industrial Revolution were continually to invoke God and his divine intentions which became the Protestant work ethic. Folk didn’t take to kindly to slavery under the master, a higher omnipotent deity was needed to deflect subordination, impulse and spontaneity and to control these natural tendencies of people forced to comply with rigid time schedules, boring repetitive work, under grim conditions.

The modern day superstitions still based on the useful ideas of medieval myth and unearthly beings has the same overall effect of attempting to nullify critical debate and reason, over the glorification of financial wealth and the elites who control it.

The UK “political” system, and the “law” are still embedded in the hierarchical structures and visual traditions of pomp and fantasy. We do not bow to the law, we bow to the personage in the gown. Our contempt for the judge (and what he or she is), is seen as contempt for the law itself. The ordinary persons survival in the courts does not depend on their knowledge of truth, but in their knowledge of table manners and their place in society.

The modern day propaganda system puts even religion to shame in its quest in the restructuring of perceptions, through, cultism, irrationality, disassociation and isolation. The worship of the personality in politics and the entertainment business as both becoming seamless. Superstition is still the guiding light that keeps the elite corporate structure in place, as it has done for centuries for the benefit of church, king, queen, and ruler and still works today backed up the abstractions of fame, personality and the market.

A person who lives a normal life guided by the principals of fairness, imagination and love, has no need for the baggage of superstition.