Farmhouse Architecture

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Architecture as a social subject.
The retinal experience of our built environment, what we see, is very important to our mental well being. A disrespect for our buildings is a disrespect to our history and to the people who are part of that history. The person in the wheelchair still enjoys the vistas looking across the park and open space even though they lack the physical enjoyment. How we learn to enjoy combinations of light and space, volume, shape increases the enjoyment of looking at things, sharpens critical skills and adds so much more to our city environment than just walking through it.
earth-ship-bottle-wall11To create awareness that knowledge of buildings,construction, planning, design and use, is not just the domain of the professional. Communities need their own experts if they are to asses the impact of developments in their environment and to contribute and articulate the communities needs to cut through the jargon of professionals.