Farmhouse Documentation

Income Outcome
Training sessions on interviewing skills, using camera and sound equipment and basic film editing techniques. Volunteers will gain skills in using camera and sound equipment and in basic film editing techniques. Build a film crew that will concentrate on film and sound recording which will later be stored in Elder park Library as a resource for the community. We will be creating our own documentation, surveys, literature and media in our own words and what is important to us.

The setting up of a Common Good Fund Archive Database. The council holds a common good register of properties and artifacts to support its valuation of the CGF. However, comparing this list with previous council accounts it is evident that the disposal of many CG assets has not been recorded in a way that makes it easy to trace the proceeds which should properly have been credited to the Fund. It is a view held by successive administrations that they regard funds from the common good as part of the council’s general income and available for general use. The establishment of an independent database of assets held in the common good is essential to establishing its current real worth and protecting from future maladministration