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Education for the 21st century
Re-Imagining Education. The following are some of the principles of Place-Based learning. Learning takes place on-site, in the local community and environment. Learning focuses on local themes, systems, and content. Learning is personally relevant to each learner. Learning experiences contribute to the community’s vitality and environmental quality and support the community’s role in fostering global environmental quality. Learning is supported by strong and varied partnerships with local residents, organizations. Learning is interdisciplinary. Learning experiences are tailored to the local audience. Local learning serves as the foundation for understanding and participating in regional and global issues.
Education as social struggle. We hope to make our project a place where those who need to can come to learn things. To find things out and to be inspired by our help or by helping out. Nothing will be imported that we can find in our locality. We are here to cater those in our community, and other communities, who would benefit from an open learning environment and who do not bode well in the restrictions of formal education. Or have not had the opportunity of further education.
Boggs Educational Center