Introduction to Topics

The topics pages are in groups as seen at the top of this page. They are not designed as a -start here and finish there- structure. The idea is. I thought they could be used to put together a workshop, discussion, walk, project, or whatever.

*The main aim is to open up discussion on anything really. Whether it be football or keeping bonsai plants is of no consequence to me. There are probably many and varied connections and possibilities that could link both these varied arts.

*The important thing is how we talk about these things and how we place, value or use them in the course of our day to day lives. Enjoying sport, computers, television and hobbies as an entertainment, exercise and social activity is fine. But when such things become an obsession and take up all your attention to the exclusion of everything else, other unattended parts of our social well being can suffer

*The point of CITY STROLLS, topics is to encourage people to examine also these unattended areas of social life. Get involved and enjoy them using any technique, focus, medium of their choosing. There is loads of interesting stuff about and a lot of it is being contained, controlled and designed by people in gray suits, and their obsession is with your liberty and your money.
There is also at the other end of the spectrum the community groups, trusts and community councils who do good work mostly unpaid and unheard in the main stream but rich in inspiration. They are all out there waiting for your voice to join them. Or. Start your own group. You only need three people, some inspired encouragement and your on your way.

Longer pages in topics I have added a short summary and a few headings to scan at the top of the page.



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