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GLASGOW HIGHLIGHTS  of interest. Will be updated.

It is all happening this year some alternative to the jingoism
Games Monitor 2014

Land issues and public owned assets
Scottish Commons
Common Good Watch

Boat building
Gal Gael

Useful for any city
Citizens Handbook

Map your own world
Open Street Map Glasgow

Don’t dump it
Freecycle (Stuff)

Science a way of thinking
Glasgow Science Festival

What it says on the tin

Tell the community
Govan Com. Radio

In depth study of the media
Glasgow Media Group

A wonderful resource of working class history and struggle
Spirit of Revolt

Lots of talk about independence
Bella Caledonia

In-depth coverage in the context of broader social, political and cultural issues.
Variant Mag

A traveling bookfair and more
Rad Indi Bookfair

An anarchist chritic
Radical Glasgow

Helping asylum seekers stay sane and here
Unity Centre

An all volunteer mutual support network. We use collective direct action
Glasgow Solidarity Network

Scotland is changing. It’s time Scotland’s forgotten communities led that change.
Power In Community

A pile of growing projects
Glasgow Local Food Network

Independent community centre in southside
Kinning park complex

Open access place for computer stuff, meetings and events
Electron Club

Longstanding place of community and culture
Pearce Institute

Basic Legal Advice
Govan Law Centre

Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights relating to Health and the Environment.
Environmental Law Centre

We would remind you that while the Collection is not fully catalogued, it does have over 1400 entries in our Library catalogue (search term – centre political song)
Centre for political song

The world’s first Centre for Political Song.
Union songs