New site

Hi Welcome to the new City Strolls website. The old site was running off Dreamweaver and became very clunky and a pain to use. So I have transferred most of the content on to WordPress and what a job it was, a massive learning curve on the tech side. (Take it for granted I always need help on technical stuff if you feel the urge) not as colourful as the old site but hopefully better organised.  I have added a wee plugin that lets folk tell me about spelling mistakes broken links. (there will be many) So it will take a bit of time settling in. Please comment, send and tell us what you think about usability or suggest innovative ideas. Ch Bob

• I hope to keep a local events diary updated.
• Do more blog posting on local and global issues.
• Updates on Farmhouse project
• Encourage more local networking, events, programs.

This list will expand.

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