A question of attitude

The questions that need to be re examined constantly in national, international and community affairs are
1.Is the system we live under serving the vision of ourselves and the future of our children?

2.What good did blowing up civilians ever do apart from keep other civilians in fear.

3..Can you envisage the situation getting any better considering world events, job un satisfaction xenophobia, fear, paranoia, consumption and ever present threat of war, if we accept it and go on as we are.

4.Do you want to join the struggle to make the world a better place to live – for everyone?

The last question is the most important. I will ask it a lot. For it is only when the answer to this question is yes can we connect to your history and vision of what we endeavor to be. And then take Thoreau’s advice to -”Go confidently in the direction of your dreams” and “Live the life you’v imagined” -not the life someone else has imagined for you.



Communities What’s it to do with us ?

One of the obvious myths about market capitalism (this is the system we live under) is, we are told that wealth filters down from the top to the needy, when we all know it’s the other way around.
Eventually the effect these filtering up strategies reach local communities in two ways. Either in the form of cuts to social infrastructure, or Injections of cash for the right motives i.e. the benefit of business and profits.

Not all but much of these developments are at the whim of the local council trying to please developers and business interests rather than the interest and needs of the communities affected.
Local swimming baths closed. Centralized sports complexes open in their place, is a case in point. Creative ideas born in the streets of communities are plagiarized and bought off through short term funding. Or. Projects controlled and made pliable to commercial needs by the funds drawn from the communities own tax returns is another.

Pliable community

While cities such as Glasgow are presented in glossy magazines as a booming vibrant places of entertainment, art, drama, culture, luxury hotels, luxury housing, business opportunity and so no.

Yes it’s true as we look around our communities there is money being spent. There are new buildings going up everywhere. The dilapidated areas are taking on a new shine giving the impression of prosperity. But our communities are being set on F.I.RE. That is by Finance, Insurance, and Real-estate interests. Most of the money being spent represents investment in a sponge that sucks up revenue then moves on rather than any presenting any lasting investment in communities

Communities that do not meet or adapt to these new visions and planning requirements or accept these value systems, will suffer. Why? First. Because the faceless people who decide on “community infrastructure” who are involved with the above, don’t care about any community apart from the business community.

The challenge

Unless the faceless start to see a process unfolding that challenges the things that they hold dear, i.e. their systems, their profits, their institutions they will never care. (Albert)

The only way communities can protect themselves from the onslaught of outside interests is to act like a community and take on the job of protecting their interests. And connecting with other communities under the same situation


How to boil frogs to taste like chicken

The cauldron bubbles with boiling water and they say frog tastes like chicken. Question is: are we too chicken to leap frog out of the pot?