Qualifications of citizenship

Now if we look at the people who make decisions for us. The boss, the politician, the various experts and their qualifications.
Who is qualified to do what? Am I qualified to write this stuff? Is tony Blair qualified to lecture me on what is a good or healthy society? Do you need university degree to speak your mind? Do you need letters behind your name to give an informed opinion? Are politicians and the bosses anymore qualified to make decisions than you?


Part of your educational training is to instill in you that the answer to these questions is yes. But the answer is no. As Noam Chomsky reminds us.

“Politics is trivia. Anyone can understand it. You may have to do a bit of study and research here and there but on the whole politics is straight forward. There are of course people who would like you to think otherwise. These are experts, those qualified (by the government) to speak on our behalf.”
As a general rule of thumb. If you can’t tell what these experts are on about they usually don’t want you to know. That is why government and business spend millions on public relations to educate the public in anything other than, what they (our leaders) do not wish them to know.


What don’t we understand

I know because I have the big words to describe it, the experts seem to be saying. There are a lot of ways to describe a problem, but that is not the same as understanding the problem. If a person wants you to understand something, they will describe it in a language you’re liable to understand. Economics, science and such like are more difficult subjects to understand but not impossible in some respects for ordinary people with guidance and encouragement to grasp. You need to remember. In the affairs of the citizen everyone has the same Qualifications.