Reshuffle FAQ

Just starting to work on this. If you your group wants to be included or you know others who would be interested. Let me know. I will have more details up soon. Ideas welcome. Bob
What is the Reshuffle
FAQ and help needed
Would you like to help out at the Reshuffle? Most of the tasks are painless and a bit of fun
Help run the Cafe
Take a spot at serving tea and soup.
Attending the info desk
There will be a wee information desk: What’s on where and general info on what’s happening.
General dogsbody stuff
Moving thing about, going to the shop for milk
Leaflets and spreading the word
There are plenty leaflets to give out and download.
You got filming recording skills. (you don’t need to be an expert)
There will be workshops and filming, recording sound and talking to people about things that take their interest, their community and so on. We want to make a film and publication that can be used to inspire more community activity and how folk can learn the techniques of representing themselves.
You may even have an idea yourself for helping. Help lighten the load do a spot at the Reshuffle it is all part of the idea.
This year “THE ART OF NOISE” Pearce Institute Saturday 31 January 12 – 6 pm
The Reshuffle lasts about 6 hours. Entrance to the building is at 10 am
Stuff can usually be stored day before.
If you want to volunteer some help in any form try and let me know SAP
Any special requirements or tech you need let me know.
The Reshuffle is run on good-will and volunteers.
The more people who do a little the less I have to do
You can organise your own meeting, chat, workshop on the day. Just post up your idea on a table stand and get on with it:-)
Reshuffle is as much to do with coordination and how we can work together and coming away from the day with something to think about. Remember it is what you bring as well as what is there.
This year we hope to have as much information gathering to help plan Reshuffles (or other events) in different areas of the city.
Signage Need to make big red arrows show folk where to go in the building. Leaflet distribution always needs done
Spreading the word – Please forward information if you have a mail list and tell as many folk as possible. program09.htm
Will be updated.
Keep in touch through the new Strolls/BRIDGE website and updates for other RIB bookstall, film, Doc, and activity events, through out 2008. Watch this space. Reshuffle has no affiliations with any political party.