Finding our place in the movement

Many of us know the world can be a bad place and there are terrible things happening and we need to do something. There are many student groups in colleges, universities and the like, dealing with the roots of poverty, environment, economic disparity, that have little relation to anyone outside of the education establishments in which they were formed and only last for the duration of their time as students.

When folk sign up for such things they tend to look for the movements place in themselves rather than their place in the movement. Of course it is the individuals choice about what they do, how they do it and for how long, its a free world. Fair enough.

But finding our place in the movement if we wish the movement to last for any length of time is about doing work that can create the continuity, that can be built upon, that can create the institutions that each generation can connect to, relate to and progress, rather than each new group reinventing the wheel over and over again.

We still need to grope and find things out for ourselves, learn by mistakes and decide what we spend out time at. The problem being their is a mass of distraction vying for our time that makes it all the more important that the time we spend building a movement is well used and the work we do .

From Crisis of Community Notes:

• We each represent connections Each of us (here) are a source of information and energy that can create a powerful resource.

• Importance of knowing radical history.

• Building knowledge through doing things .

• A battle of histories the official powerful media and our own word of mouth.

• Free University and Workers City Group 25 years ago

The Workers City group was made up of areas of sophisticated knowledge and ran for three years. The group was formed from an area of knowledge and folk who had been radicalised in some way, including, disaffected members of the left, anarchists, artists, Transmission, (gallery) and had groups of connections of various. overwhelming experience from some elderly people to the young and had a vision based in Glasgow radical politics. It could not be gainsaid

Venue date and facilitation needed for this.

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