How do we speak to ordinary people

Campaigns concerning, anti war, anti capitalist, occupy, ordinary people can feel threatening and antagonised by. One of the great mistakes of the 60/70s was anyone over 30 was treated like an alien and to a great extent were treated as if they had nothing to offer the then youth in revolt. Now that same generation of activists applaud when someone under 30 attends a meeting.

Today there is still much that alienates ordinary people from being politically engaged. We all need to be part of the struggle, particularly the masses of folk we will needed if we are to make any real change. Folk become vulnerable and veer towards populist ideas when they find no relevance in left wing political rhetoric.

Politics is about how groups of people come together to discuss things, work things out and come to consensual agreements about solutions. Many confuse politics with “party politics” which is about creating consensus for pre-set agendas around four year power struggles.

Learning to speak to people in order to make things politically relevant to them is a difficult job in a society isolated and controlled by propaganda and commodified lifestyles, or for some, the lack of them. A significant problem that is to often ignored by the protest movement and those already in the know.

• Strengthen the social base of our communities.

• How do we build historical knowledge.

• Build a vision based in radical politics.

• Needs to be radical, fun and a whole mixture of things to normalise activities.

• Politics for the day to day and the principals of how we live our life.

Venue date and facilitation needed for this.

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