Living and organising in the precariat society

Precariat Workers Group Glasgow

The emergence of a new and growing global class of people – the precariat – born out of market liberalisation and the pursuit of profit in late capitalism. The group has precarious living standards characterised by low income in insecure employment. The consequences of this growth are as yet uncertain. If the trend is unchecked, the consequences are likely to include greater exclusion of larger numbers of people. An alternative possibility is that the growing number of people dissatisfied with the current system helps to establish a more viable alternative based on more egalitarian values.


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Guy Standing The Precariat The New Dangerous Class

From Crisis of Community Notes:

• The coming together of people in different stages of organisation, age group differences, experience of campaigning, political position and such like.

• Need independent places where campaigners can share experiences which is very broad.

• Drop-ins and allow an organic flow to happen.

• Create regular meetings just to talk about things.

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