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City Strolls
Just starting to work on this. If you your group wants to be included or you know others who would be interested. Let me know. I will have more details up soon. Ideas welcome. Bob.
The Reshuffle is about what we have in common and how we can work together
When January Reshuffle When – 2008 Where – Pearce Institute Govan
Pearce Institute

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Program Times W/shops
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The idea is to present a series of activities ranging from things to do with the kids to how to become more active in your community. It will not be dull and boring, it will have interesting things for old and young, to try and do. We will cater for the book people, the film goers, as well as the experimental wean. We will be filling the MacLeod hall and other spaces in the Pearce with stalls and groups of all kinds.
How does it work
Last years programYou could go here: Ask not what the Reshuffle can do for you, but what you can do for the Reshuffle. (I’ve heard that before somewhere) We do not have loads of dosh and a grant, the Shuffle like last year will be free and participatory. Just dig in and help each other. We can make money for the rent selling tea and crumpets at the cafe. If you want something to do there’s a list at the bottom – or you could add something. [If you want to add an event,give me your copy soon, so we can start to advertise. Yes you can help with that to. Spread the word:-]
Common Good Games
Common Good Games
The Commonwealth Games to be held in Glasgow in 2014 will accelerate colonisation of out city by big business. The CG like most big spectacles are driven more by massive public relation campaigns, than public support. (apart from the financial support of public taxes). The CGG are designed to raise awareness of the difference between multi million pound spectator sport and the freedom to play sport in the community
The voice of the people needs to be heard
Learn how to project your voice, from the pit of your stomach out into the air. It would surprise you how louder and clearer you can get with some practice. Get some tips on writing to a newspaper, describing your campaign, or your group. Get media attention. Know some of the tricks that will get you published.
Mad science stuff
Science activities for kids. Glasgow University Science Festival Rockets and flyers, Electronic Circuit Building, Make your own Silly Putty, and more will be at the Reshuffle. So if you haven’t soldered before, or made your own gunge – This is the place.
Radical Book Fair
Stalls: resources videotheque events is what RIB is about.
Within Britain, Scotland and specifically Glasgow there are fewer and fewer outlets for independent and radical materials. Corporate bookshops rule the roost and offer little in the way of counter culture, radical voices or local independent materials. The Radical Independent Book-fair project (RIB) has come about to help redress this imbalance… RIB is a support structure for a number of individuals and groups who produce publications, information and materials for sale, view and free distribution.
Harmony Cafe -Broth Mix
Get something cheap and hot or some tea and biscuits at Broth Mix . Donate something towards the Hall hire. Hey kids have you ever wanted to make your own Cola, stead of the other stuff full of sugar and chemicals. Then “Cube Cola” is for you.
Kids Cardboard Club
There will be the Cardboard Club were kids and their parents even, can build wee houses and big towers – then get to knock em down. Or make a big thing out of cardboard and see if you can convince your Dad – that its a good idea you should take it home. That’s always good for a laugh

Document 5 1/2
Document – International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will launch their Touring Shorts Programme from Document 5 which took place in Glasgow in October 2007. The films cover issues such as child homelessness in Ukraine, mental health in Serbia, asylum, drug issues in Scotland, death in the workplace and the Middle East. There will also be a film made by Diversity Films about Document 5 with interviews with international filmmakers and campaigners. Come along and find out what the festival is all about.
Creating our own media

Creating our own representative media A handful of corporations now control more than half the information networks around the world. A snippet of last nights viewing is enough to convince most folk what the media is mainly used for, trivia and advertising and has probably a lot to do with Britain’s £1.5 trillion debt. (That’s a 1,000 billion, we owe banks and businesses)
On TV we have “Business News” why is there no representation of working people on our TV’s, like “Workers news”. We have “Business Sections” in newspapers, even a “Sports Section” but no “Workers Section”. The airwaves are part of the Common Good, they belong to the public. Yet no real public representation. If the British Broadcasting Corporation (coined in the days when corporations were created for a “public” good) are not representing most people – who is.
Part of the answer could be using what we have – to build a communication infrastructure, through learning from local and available networks.
Sunny Govan, The internet, Document 6, Diversity Films, Transmissions Indimedia Scotland, Camcord Guerillas, Southside news, Burugh Angel, Variant Autonomy TV …And many more
UNITY Offering friendly, practical solidarity and mutual aid to all asylum seekers, refugees and sans papiers. Come and hear about the work of Unity and about the work asylum seekers are doing in our communities. There are lots of ways to help out, support and volunteer – and a lot to be learned to through the work of this group
As the tide went out on the shipbuilding history of Govan, many families in the community were left without work and meaning. Modern Govan has been left high and dry by this post-industrial legacy; roots are being lost, values are becoming blurred, and the fast-flowing current of modern life is leaving many behind. At GalGael, we have created a cultural anchor point around which local people are re-kindling skills, community and a sense of purpose. Galgael show us what is possible when we believe things can change
Sunny Govan Radio
There is always a smiling welcome at sunny Govan Radio. Where citizens can make their own programs on a variety of topics – And they will teach you how to do it. Aims and Objectives: To provide access to training, development and volunteering opportunities; to encourage local creative talent; to foster local traditions and to provide services for the benefit, entertainment, education and development of our community..
The Electron Club
The Electron Club is where you can learn about computer software and electronic stuff, building thing with old bits of computers, writing code and so on.The club will be doing a wee workshop on Audacity (free open source software for audio editing) It is pretty easy to learn and can work on Linux, Mac and Windows, or just have a Linux machine sitting there for people to look at. People could maybe record and edit short bits for Sunny Govan to broadcast. The beauty about open source software is you don’t need a fancy new computer with loads of memory to run it. All the computers at the club were found on the streets, in skips, or donated . Find out more here.
Glasgow Residents Network
The Glasgow Residents Network is an evolving coalition of residents associations and communities from across Glasgow, drawn together to work for better stronger communities, and a better fairer city for all our citizens. Workshop “How can we build strong and active communities? What are the positive benefits of getting involved in a residents association. Why Glasgow needs a federation of residents associations, what could be achieved and more. — A short presentation by the Glasgow Residents Network”
A Transition Initiative in the Pipeline
The Transition Towns initiative seeks to engage whole communities in finding practical alternatives to the current fossil fuel-led systems and lifestyles, leading to the creation of an Energy Descent Action Plan – a timetabled plan for a community to move to a lower energy future which is abundant, truly sustainable, re-localised and beautiful. With the challenges of peak oil and climate change on the horizon it makes sense to start planning a resilient local infrastructure now while there is still plenty of time to think.This workshop aims to discuss the process of re-designing our city in an inspiring and positive fashion, “unleashing the collective genius of the community” in the words of Rob Hopkins, the instigator of Transition. The focus is on taking a positive approach – understanding the issues, examining current practices and then creating solutions amongst ourselves. The intention is that via a collective effort to respond to the challenges of peak oil and climate change we inevitably create a city we’re much happier living in
Green Space Workshop
“Open space’ is a term which includes greenspace consisting of any vegetated land or structure, water or geological feature within and on the edges of settlements, including allotments, trees, woodland, paths and ‘civic space’ consisting of squares, market places and other paved or hard landscaped areas with a civic function.” To understand better the importance of protecting and developing this space as a community resource we need to make folk more aware of their existence and their uses.
Proposed agenda items are:
1. Information exchange – update from local groups
2. Planning Aid
3. History and Stories about our greenspaces – project idea
4. Allotments strategy consultation
5. Visit to Elder Park with guided tour.
Common Good Film
“This film presents an overview of what the Common Good is, featuring an interview with land reform activist Andy Wightman along with members of local communities involved in Common Good campaigns. It offers some practical guides of how other communities can find out more, take action over their Common Good assets, and outlines suggestions of how bringing the Common Good back into public control could benefit all our communities directly. Whilst the story of the Common Good stretches back into our history it is an issue of major relevance today, connecting with issues of community land ownership, the control of public assets, and urban redevelopment.”
Workshop/Meeting/common Good
Invited speakers and workshop on on the Common Good
A 2 hr discussion on common good linking to petitions recently discussed by the Scottish Parliament and work undertaken by Andy Wightman. Format will cover discussion on: – a guide to safeguard common good assets. – 3 or 4 people talking about experience from common good petitions from other parts of Scotland. – the list of common good assets produced by Glasgow City Council
If you want to help (No ones going to harangue you just do what your comfortable with)
Ideas board *I have to ask Norrie (PI Manager) if something can be designed for the balcony to draw attention to the gig (ideas for bunting, images sculpture, flags?)
* There’s posters, fliers and such like to be designed Press release to do contacts to be made, a buzz to be got going. Any help welcome.
Keep in touch through the new Strolls/BRIDGE website and updates for other RIB bookstall, film, Doc, and activity events, through out 2008. Watch this space. Reshuffle has no affiliations with any political party.