Some recent videos

Andy Wilson interviewed at East India Docks Greenock around 10 years ago. An incredible knowledge on public ownership under Scotland’s Common Good Fund. And Greenock harbour one of the worst infringements on Scotland’s common good law according to Andy Wightman, auther of The Poor Had No Lawyers: Who Owns Scotland and How They Got it. Andy passed away some years after the video was made. This film was mad by Simon Yuill as part of his research on the Common Good


“One year on, we are coming together to commemorate Kenmure Street’s community response to a deportation raid. This is a celebration of the unbreakable solidarity expressed by the community of Pollokshields and beyond, and our ongoing resistance to the cruelty of the war on refugees and asylum seekers.

We will occupy Kenmure Street, Maxwell Square, The Quad and the Bowling Green with music, dance, theatre, talks, panels of discussion, food sharing, activities for young people and much more!
On the morning of 13 May 2021, in the middle of Eid al-Fitr, two of our neighbours living on Kenmure Street in Pollokshields, Glasgow were taken from their home and detained by the Home Office in a van on the street. In response, neighbours and anti-racists organised a spontaneous sit-in protest, surrounded the van and occupied the street for eight hours, until they were released.

This victory made international news. It gave succour to refugees and asylum seekers who live in isolation and fear of deportation and gave confidence to anti-racist activists across the world fighting bigotry, intolerance and racist policies. It proved that ordinary people can and did stop Priti Patel and the Home Office’s war on refugees.

Whose Libraries! Our Libraries! Maryhill (Don’t forget we win things)

An old black panther paper and some audio from a Detroit Black Panther.

Spirit of Revolt Show and tell at the Mitchell library. 40 Years – Faslane Peace Camp