The Big R is coming your way

The idea of the Reshuffle is that the answers and skills to resolve most of the communities needs, desires and problems, lies within the community itself. “We only need to ‘reshuffle’ our priorities to learn where the answers lie”.

The question we are asking this year is. What would you reshuffle given the chance? Our big “R” is going to be going round the community engaging people in the questions. Looking at our community infrastructure. How can we motivate ourselves and others to think more about taking part in things, finding out what is going on and coming up with solutions to solving our own problems.

We could also maybe look at the possibilities around us. What do we already have. How could it be improved on. What skills do we have to offer and what do we want to learn. How do we make our community and things in it visible to more people.

After we collect some ideas and things we have a shared interest in we will look at places where we can gather to talk about these things. Using our community facilities and institutions, gardens centre’s, libraries and local resources.

We will of course need to make this work interesting, creative, educational and use a whole variety of media to explore ideas. We will also need to socialise the work, make it fun if the task is boring. We will also need to think about how to engage different age groups from kids to older folk in working together.

But that’s for later. First we must identify some issues, trains of thought, germinating ideas to get us going. We would like to bring the big R to where you R and get started on discussing a few ideas. make recordings and film things.

More info: Click email below or pop into Sunny Govan or Pearce Institute or Dinner nights PI Tuesday from 6:30 for more info or lookout for the big “R” around Govan and beyond. Updates soon, this part of the project is new.