The general aims of the Reshuffle

The Reshuffle has been held at the Pearce Institute every January for the last three years. The organisation of this event has been shared mainly by City Strolls, The Radical Independent Bookfair and support groups.
What the Reshuffle offers is a loose format in which groups, individuals, community projects and the general public can interact and see what is going on in their patch as well as highlighting what is going on elsewhere. We are neither a clique nor are we affiliated to any political group. We are open to ideas from a wide variety of sources. Our criterion is based on – Is this useful – enjoyable – enlightening – and does it point towards helping to strengthen a working-class base for positive social change.
We are experiencing in our cities and villages the erosion of our social base. That is the platform of community that supports and strengthens the confidence of ordinary people to do and act for themselves.
There are many reasons for this de-activation of communities confidence in the ability to act for themselves – many will be highlighted at Reshuffle events. But an important one is how we entertain and interact with each other. How parents, children, friends and neighbours respond collectively to the multi and sometimes complex situations that they find themselves in.
The Reshuffle notion is – that the answers and skills to resolve most of the communities needs, desires and problems, lies within the community itself. “We only need to ‘reshuffle’ our priorities to learn where the answers lie”. The Reshuffles is there to introduce, exchange and encourage the use of as many tools as possible to help in this process.
Reshuffle on the road this year: Would your community like to host one?
Write: Reshuffle, Electron Club, CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

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