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Humanitarian intervention, is the new [propaganda] bogey man. We had communism and the Russian threat, we have had drugs, religion, terrorism. Now western powers, kill people in order to save them and it is called humanitarian intervention. Kosovo, Iraq, South America, We even assist our old enemies with Humanitarian intervention, Russia in Chechnya. As with most of these exaggerated, or non existent threats, Communism, drugs and so on, these interventions create massive death tolls of innocent human beings, while fattening the bankrolls of the war mongers.

Business gravy train

There are simple ways to look at this stuff. We will hear, “We live in a nanny state. “People should learn to stand up on their own two feet, instead of sponging off the state.” When people hear this they automatically think of minority groups, unemployed, people on low income, and so on. But of course the minority group that brings us financially to our knees is never mentioned – the “business minority”.

The business minority i.e. the small group who own most of the wealth, collects so much dole money it would make your head spin.

What people persistently fail to understand is – if big business claims allowance, from their taxes, business allowance grants and such like, (which is money given to help out businesses in need i.e. dole money), when they are not in need of such government funded aid -it is fraud.

Most of our social security monies goes to fraudulent claims by business’s, not people on the dole, only it’s called dole, it’s called subsidies, or business allowance, or flowery titles thought up by PR

OK. The government sells off part of our railways to a private company. Why. Because the trains will run more efficiently and be cheaper to the public, in private control. Why then after parts of the public service have been put into private hands, are we still subsidising it year after year by millions of pounds, because it isn’t making the profits the buyer thought it would. Why does Richard Branson, get dole money.

In other words someone buys a car of of you at a certain price and then they keep coming back to you demanding money every time it breaks down. I know what you would tell them.

State propaganda is mainly concerned with dissuading the public from making this simple calculation, when our taxes are being channeled into the pockets of big business.

So they get our possessions for a song, then we have to pay for the up keep of what is not ours. So if these businesses, who rely heavily on the nanny state to survive, start making big profits, will they give something back to make up for what they have taken. I think we all know the answer to that question. That’s another one for the PR department

This is the world of the parasite. Those who work of of the backs of honest toil, invest in nothing other than their own interests, which is mainly robbing the poor, and then blaming the poor for their own poverty. This they do through: Capturing the imagination [distraction] while “shaping the public debate” – and through the latest propaganda theme, from regeneration, developments, strategies, in the domestic scene and humanitarian intervention through out the world.

You only get to know what they wish you to know

There has been so far 1.586 American troops killed in the invasion of Iraq. Have you heard anything on the news about the total number of Iraqi civilians killed.* Have you heard anything on the news about the obscene profits American and British business,s have made out of the war and will make from the rebuilding of Iraq. Have you heard anything about the unemployment being created in Iraq by the closure of Iraqi business and the importing of foreign (USA) goods.

Where mercenaries are being paid thousands of dollars a week and the Iraqi workers a pittance $20, and in a lot of cases not being paid at all. While the Iraqi children and families are being murdered and starved, our government servants are busy scripting the lies that will protect the eyes and ears of the domestic population, whose taxes are both paying for the carnage, as well as lining the pockets of the administrators of misery. People who have probably never did a days toil in their lives; who have never humbled themselves to anything and lack the imagination, to even try and understand the grief felt of holding a dead child in their arms.

Web of Deceit Ignoring people maintaining order (Mark Curtis)

“The challenge’ for governments, Leonard states, ‘is to move from supplying information to capturing the imagination.”

“A new phrase for state propaganda currently popular with the liberal intelligentsia is ‘public diplomacy’, understood as directed towards foreign rather than domestic audiences. Mark Leonard, director of the Foreign Policy Centre, a think tank established by New Labour, is one exponent of this new, more stylish form of state propaganda. In an article for the US magazine Foreign Policy, Leonard explains that ‘public diplomacy’ is ‘more important than ever’ due to the ‘rise of global Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and protest movements.’ These, he explains, ‘have put ever greater constraints on national governments.’ So the ‘last decade is rife with examples of popular perceptions, rather than governments, setting the pace for international diplomacy‘ – traditionally, the great threat to elites.

He adds that ‘propaganda will not persuade populations in reluctant countries to support war, but perceptions of Western motivations as imperial or self-interested can damage the chances of success’. So diplomats ‘must transform themselves from reporters and lobbyists who react to issues into shapers of public debates around the world.’ “The challenge’ for governments, Leonard states, ‘is to move from supplying information to capturing the imagination.’ Leonard goes on to advise governments thus: So diplomats must ignore the facts and tell lies. my italics

If a message will engender distrust simply because it is coming from a foreign government, then the government should hide that fact as much as possible. Increasingly, if a state is to make its voice heard and to influence events outside its direct control, it must work through organisations and networks that are separate from, independent of, and even suspicious of governments themselves. Three of the most effective mediums for this type of public diplomacy are NGOs, diasporas and political parties.p23.

In the 1991 Gulf war against Iraq, Britain and the US established a tightly controlled ‘news management’ system. No journalists were allowed to Saudi Arabia without official permission and, once there, were under the control of a Joint Information Bureau, run by British, US and Saudi officials. Their movement was organised, their film vetted and their copy read.” (Where do most people get their news of what is happening in world events) my italics

What we [the public] receive as news of these events is an orchestrated bias report that will serve the purpose of the invader rather than the news serving the public”
Web of Deceit, Mark Curtis, p22.Iraq: Ignoring people maintaining order


* According to the website Iraq Body Count, between 21,000 and 24,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed as a result of fighting since the start of the war.

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