What are we waiting for ?

(Frustration at lack of public interest in the privatisation of Glasgow’s Common Good Fund)
Is there something, someone’s, missing here. Have the Government developed a brain scanner that removes facts and info from peoples minds – when there’s something they just don’t want folk to hear about. I hope so, I really hope so.

I can’t think of one single country in Europe, or the planet for that mater, I can’t imagine one wee town, in the whole of the Western Hemisphere, who wouldn’t be rioting in the streets, if it were happening to them. It’s not rocket science to understand. You don’t need a degree in economics. Its sitting in front of our noses. You were brought up with it, it has been paid for dearly, through the efforts of those before us, totally for your benefit. It’s priceless. You have heard the expression “Like taking candy from a baby” Well guess whose the baby? You and me, suckers!

And while were on babies and how about the future of babies. What are you going to tell the next babies when they grow up and ask. Why did you let them steal part of my future?

Man, I belong to the most selfish, boring, witless, generation in history. What started off in my youth as a golden era of enlightenment, has turned into a generation that represents the anathema to hope. An awakening of self determination, has been reduced to impotency and self denial. Life, it would seen is not worth examining, the pleasure of thought for its own sake has been rendered facile and worthless. Is there no such thing as society? History I suppose, is unimportant to a society that is heading nowhere.

Waken up people. The captain is about to relinquish control of the vessel in which you sail and I very much doubt, if the new captain will be heading in any direction, useful to you or me

And before you start it’s not going to work any more saying “But they can’t do that”. Because. It is happening. They are doing that. And they will be doing a helluva lot more of it…

??? You Don’t know what I’m talking about?
Well join the club, you have plenty of company.

Your City – is about to be privatised. And:

“In the entire subterranean consultations and negotiations,
involving millions of pounds of citizens’ current assets, there has been
no consultation with the stakeholders (Glasgow citizens), no attempt at
information, via the media or councillors, while the council executive
has been involved, over a lengthy period, with advisers, consultants,
the Inland Revenue, the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator,
organisations/charities outwith Scotland, and others.” Mack.

If you want to find out about this you will have to do it yourself.

In a nutshell. The New labour, Thatcherites, down at the City Chambers, are trying to privatise the “Common Good” And you know what, they don’t give a monkeys what you – the owners of the “Common Good” think. That’s why they have never even bothered to asked you.

They are very busy doing the deal under the table, so the parasites can create profits at your, (and more importantly your children’s cultural heritage.) expense, after they leave office. (Which is why they are in such a hurry to seal the deal before the owners of the assets tumble.You guessed it.)

So now you know. What are you going to do about it? Well I myself am going to be sitting at this computer compiling all sorts of stuff including fliers, in order to let folk know what’s happening. Because the City Council use thousands, if not millions, of pounds of our money selling us pap, while they hive off the “public estate” in their glossy brochures while spending nothing on informing the public of what they are up to. (Unless it’s lies) – So the public need to inform the public.

If you want to sit about on your arse and go “That’s terrible” or “What can I do about it,” that’s fine. If you do want to do something about it, even if it is to talk to your family, friends and workmates, please start doing it now. There is a lot at stake and there’s not a lot of time.

If you want to help leaflet, send me an email. If you want some leaflets ditto.

If you are an artist and you want to public perform. (remember art galleries are included in the sell-off. And you have a subsidised studio, that will be privatised to)

Look around you it is already happening by stealth. What is “Waterstone’s” doing in the Mitchell library, “Ay write”. Ay right. First it’s sponsorship, then you realise the public are the sponsors. Then business moves in permanently, as your facilities gradually move out.

The child friendly face of business in the park won’t stay friendly for long as businesses change and turnover takes over. You didn’t know about the parks to?

George Square is beginning to look like Piccadilly Circus. The last two squares of grass are probably under threat

Look around, it’s everywhere. See what you can find and tell me about it.

I will be posting leafleting and activities next week if you want to help or have some ideas, or if you are already doing something let me know.

Fight to keep your culture. Don’t listen to their bull!

Bob Hamilton. In the common good