The Reshuffle Event

The Reshuffle was conceived as a yearly event that groups individuals projects campaigns and the like could share what they are doing, look for the like minded, create solidarity, discussion, connections, educate, around common themes and issues.
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We also take our fun very seriously and as a tool for exploration. We like to feed people, show them how to make bread and grow their own food. We show films and present spaces for people to have their say and listen to others. We talk about the things that are going on in our community and invite others from other communities to do the same.

We present a convivial environment in this beautiful and spacious community centre where parents kids young and old and from far flung countries of the world can chill from the rigours of daily life for a chat and a cup.

Who are we? We are you. Anything that happens at the Reshuffle is what you bring to it. So long as it is legal, nonpartisan, and participatory. If you want to help out before or on the days with general dogsbody stuff, have an idea, need clarity, information etc, drop an email.

The Community garden dinner nights held at the Pearce Institute every Tuesday 6:30 are a good opportunity to talk about Reshuffle activity (and other activities)

2012 theme is “Critical Connections”. How do we get communities to start talking to each other about every day problems and relate them to the bigger ones.