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Common Good Awareness Project

Ask MSPs to intervene. Councils are supposed to keep a record of our Common Good – They don’t. This information should be available to the public – Its not. The council are trying lease bits of our parks which do not comply to Common Good objectives. In all they are denying us the right to our Common Good. Without a record we can’t keep track of our Common Good fund. These are ancient rights and assets that should be passed to our kids Write to your MSP and ask him or her to demand pubic access to a list of our Common Good assets. See here for info & letter template.

Colonisation and bullying by billionaires described by our government representatives as “A compelling case in the public interest”
The wrong side of a hole from jon Pullman on Vimeo.

Can we rekindle a people’s vision for our parks?
Thoughts on – Plans to build a school and Music Therapy Centre, in Ruchill park.


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Alternative tourism – or ideas to get you out and about
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Luxury only the planners can afford as more trees disappear for flats? road? who knows…2004
“The council is expected to approve a master plan for the city’s 74 parks which will allow private companies to provide a range of facilities. ” Scotsman Sept 21, 2004. And from the same article: “Aileen Colleran, the convener of the parks and facilities committee, gave an assurance that none of the city’s parks and open spaces would be sold off to private companies such as housing developers.”


 2010 Then in 2010. “Richmond Park (a city park) is being transformed as part of a multi-million pound regeneration scheme for neighbouring Oatlands. A total of 1318 homes will be built as part of a £160m plan for the formerly rundown community.” That is a third of the green space you see here

Participatory Economics and the Common Good
An introductory section on Parecon at the local level and to discover existing ideas that highlight some of the principals of Participatory Economics. Easy listening and even some Parecon Hip Hop. Michael Albert will be visiting Scotland later in the year. Will post dates when available

The Missing Millions citychambers3
“Enthusiasm and interest, devotion and pride – these are the characteristics of Glasgow citizenship. I have talked with the heads of the city departments, with a score of town councillors, with police officers and fire officials, with clerks, bathhouse custodians, and conductors on the tram-cars – with all sorts of men, Tories and Liberals, Radicals and Socialists, from the Lord Provost down to the cab-driver. And this is the only citizenship I have been able to find.” Frederic Cle.mson Howe

Article: David Harvie Scottish Review

Common Good Watch Common Good news

This week Reshuffle Pearce Institute Govan We don’t take money off you to enjoy yourself and we don’t feed your kids with expensive burgers – just some fun, a chance to talk, try some stuff and see some films

 Dave Douglass Part from his new book Ghost Dancers. The title of this work, Ghost Dancers, is inspired by the last stand of the Native American Indians in their efforts to retain their culture and dignity, and by the Durham Miners’ Gala as a mining equivalent of that same endeavour.
Dave Douglas Part 2.

Radical Independent Bookfair:

Scottish Commons

SOOT (Our friends from the East)

Alberto Durango London Cleaners Campaign.
Speaking in Glasgow, about the Latin American workers association and the London Cleaners campaign, its successes and the importance of solidarityAs part of Radius, a programme of art events on the fringe of Glasgow International, a look at some of the radical aspects of Glasgow along the banks of it’s main river, the Clyde, from Chartism through Abolitionism to the Spanish Civil War, with a few songs thrown in at the end including a swing version of ‘We Don’t Need This Fascist Thang’. More details here

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Events across May: Details

Science Ecology and the Common Good 29 May 2010
Pearce Institute Govan.

“I think studying science is a good way to get into fields like history. The reason is, you learn what an argument means, you learn what evidence is, you learn what makes sense to postulate and when, what’s going to be convincing. You internalize the modes of rational inquiry, which happen to be much more advanced in the sciences than anywhere else. On the other hand, applying relativity theory to history isn’t going to get you anywhere. So it’s a mode of thinking.” Noam Chomsky

We will not be applying relativity theory to history at the Reshuffle – But we will be studying modes of thinking. Science Ecology and the Common Good – Workshops, speakers on science, climate change, community organising and the Common Good. Yes of course there will be tons of stuff for the kids – Glasgow Science Fair will be in full tilt as well as local groups.

Ideas, suggestions for speakers, workshops welcome. Remember:

” You cant stand still on a moving train” Howard Zinn 1922-2010

Chomsky and Andrew Marr of the BBCpropa

In which Chomsky explains to the disbelieving journalist how the media serve power interests. Considering propaganda, now called “public relations” all consumes our daily lives – in comparison there is very little discussed or written about it.

After film chat – Are you free from propaganda?

“It is arguable that the success of business propaganda in persuading us, for so long that we are free from propaganda is one of the most significant propaganda achievements of the twentieth century”. John Carey Taking the Risk out of Democracy

February 6th. 8 weeks to RESHUFFLE time, lets make 2010 a bumper year and a year of ORGANISATION – COMMON to all and for the GOOD of all. We have had some exciting community VICTORIES happen this year and some invigorating community ACTIVITIES on-going. We shall Celebrate these achievements at 2010 Reshuffle as well as looking at peoples plans for next year. Remember it takes months to organise the Reshuffle – there’s no funding it’s all good will. Please help by responding SAP if you want to put on an event, stall, happening, or help out. Click wee image to remind yourself. B.

This Week Film: “The Frustration Game” & “About the common good” Double-bill Fri. 4th Nov.