Mission Statement

CITY STROLLS, is an attempt to set up an informal group, or interested parties, or ideas, communications, forums concerning the direction the city has taken regarding the play- off between public and social accountability, within the endemic culture of private enterprise.
What is going on here? Who’s in charge? What has this got to do with me? How can I enjoy my city? Does Glasgow belong to me? Am I the only one who thinks this? Its not just about looking at Rennie Mackintosh and old buildings pleasurable as this is. But looking at the city as a whole, old and new, trendy and poor, politically and aesthetically. These processes of the city affect everyone from people who pay taxes to people seeking employment and, importantly, people seeking useful un-employment.
By useful un-employment I mean countering the uselessness people sometimes feel when they are not in paid regular work.

Creating the basics for an alternative

The group will / could be set up around the ethos that citizenship of a town really means belonging to a community and being prepared to take on the responsibility of being part of it. CITY STROLLS, will set out to encourage people of all backgrounds and interests to understand citizens rights and good practice, the art of engagement and the encouragement of others to share in the act if citizenship and to understand there are no special qualifications needed to participate, only an interest.


Set up a web site to publicize and record events and projects of community action or interest. Set up an informal camera club to record events and to exhibit the results. Meetings. CITY STROLLS, will meet at least once a month for an event of some description.


Field trips and conversational walks with the purpose of educating, informing and collecting data for ideas for positive roles the citizen can play in his or her city, concerning everything from the built environment to the social structure. We will also visit’ co-operative housing projects; community councils and creative groups working in the city such as Gal Gael boat building and crafts; Coach HouseTrust gardening and sculpture project The group will examine the displacement of unemployed, homeless, small business and users of the city of a non- commercial basis and will involve an appreciation of architecture and the environment in both aesthetic and political terms


Domino Theory, a good example leads to others. CITY STROLLS will encourage and support sub groups or individuals with particular ideas and interests and will work on a mutual aid basis.Or anything you may find useful to suggest, ideas, thoughts,interests, sites, strolls, talks…

Make it what you want

I find politics fascinating. If people find politics boring they are doing it the wrong way. When I say politics I mean real politics not what is served up one television. Politics of people is why the city holds such fascination. Citizens involved in politics shape and make the city what it is. Why do you think you’re encouraged not to be interested in politics?
Bob Hamilton. CITY STROLLS


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