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Common Good Sites (Protection) (PE1050)

The medium is the message – Council creeping
What devious plot can these Children be up to? Could this experiment cut down to size one of the worlds biggest corporations?

Save Our Schools
(objections-to-new superschool + comments) comments.html If you haven’t had a chance yet to communicate your objections to the new superschool to the planning department, try to do so soon, before the end of this week.

How to untie the knot
The need for appropriate ownership and access regimes. Toby Lloyd Land &Liberty Autumn /Winter 2002/3

Wednesday: Podcast Interview with Tery one of Document 5 Group

Tuesday: Podcast, from “Broth Mix Cafe” at Doc 5

Cloud cuckoo land from the games bid
“Games car free ” Why are the trying to build a dirty great motorway then? “Most of Glasgow’s venues would be within 20 minutes of the athletes’ village in the East end of the city. By 2014 the 500 million pound M74 extension, the Glasgow Airport rail link, and the 69 million pound East End regeneration route should be completed. More than 10,000 athletes, officials and journalists will travel in buses using dedicated “Games Lanes” where traffic lights will turn green to speed up journeys “

More Granfallooning (for public consensus) up the Maryhill canal. Come on children get a nice balloon and see the shiny lights, because you won’t be able to afford a house here when you grow up. More Illuminating links Here and Here PDF

Stop the Council Cuts Edinburgh
Edinburgh’s SNP and Lib Dem Council planned to close 6 Nurseries, 13 Primary Schools, 3 High Schools and 4 Community Centres – we stopped them. But what’s next?

Peoples Speeches
Aye there’s hope yet when the folk get the fire in there belly and speak out for there own kind of change. Edinburgh people telling there council what they think of the the council cuts and the gentrification for their city. More here from: Save Our Old Town on Caltongate plans

The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

“I get an increasing number of emails from folk concerned about how common good assets are being managed (or not in many cases). This is encouraging and a sign that awareness and interest is growing. It is probably time to create some kind of structured campaign or network and these appear to be emerging in Edinburgh and Glasgow (see Friday 11 May news below). I’ll leave it to others to take the initiative here. My role is to undertake research and analysis.” A Wightman

Common Good Land – Progress

Living in a Bubble: Credit, debt and crisis MUTE
Are we about to pick up the tab for the financial elite’s decades long free lunch? And if total monetary collapse is a way off, is this because the social crisis and repression we already face are deepening? Whose crisis is it anyway, and if it comes, who is going to come out on top?

Olympic Games and Housing Rights
Our anger at the many examples of communities and individuals who had been forcibly evicted from their homes and lands in order to make way for sports stadiums, new hotels, car parks, or pretty façades,

Dispatches : Britain’s Bad Housing .
The Government doesn’t care where you live; whose house gets knocked down, how much the Labour party receives in back handers from developers.

The Supermarket that’s Eating Britain Who needs ID cards when you got Tesco’s

The Chrichton campus campaign
A successful campaign against the axing of an institute of learning – Timescale for the campaign