How do we get it

We cannot take on all the problems of the world at the same time, we can’t even think about our own personal problems all at once, we would be driven to distraction


Tools for thinking

We are bombarded every day through television, reading the papers, people we talk to, stories we hear, and things that go on in our immediate environment. School, housing, rent, violence, drugs, war nuclear threats, work, kids, unemployment, homelessness, globalization, the environment, to name but a few. Issues that are battling for your attention every day, whether you are rich or poor.

The question is. How do we rationalize these problems and deal with them sensibly. Regarding fear and anxiety,Bertrand Russell, reminds us.

” First we have to assess the genuine levels of concern and dangers that present themselves to us in our day to day lives and dispel unwarranted fear and anxiety. There are to many important things to worry or think about without adding things that do not justify the anxiety. And there are people whose main aim is to keep such superfluous anxieties at the forefront to discourage any attempt at questioning those genuine concerns.”

is these “people” we need to concentrate on and the devices they use in order to protect our liberty. Where has listening to the bare faced lies of politicians gotten us when we have divorced common sense for propaganda. The following page looks at a good historical example –