tenants1The problems of life today it would seem are too complex for the application of some common sense. Common sense is rendered moribund and belongs in the dark patina of time. Today, we have new and complex issues that are far to difficult for ordinary people to understand. But don’t worry We have people who are expert in these problems. We can not expect ordinary people to understand the complexities of economics, the environment, political discourse, the law and all the other technicalities of the new world order.

In today’s economics the publics role is to suffer the mistakes and bare the brunt of the new deals, if they fail, by paying for the failures, while the successful achievements of our labour go private

Whilst we adapt, change and alter our lifestyles to accommodate “progress”, the only institutions that have never progressed in hundreds of years and are so backward towards our interests, are the same ones that pushes for the changes that “we” need to make in order to maintain their ancient and privileged interests.

The ruling classes, for all of their ‘We need to change” and we have to look and go forward in the modern world”, These are the people dragging their heels and dragging us all back to the dark ages. They are the ones who do not wish to change. And why should they? When they have all the power, the money, the land, the resources, government, banks, propaganda, the media, television and the news outlets that are used to maintain their position.

Common sense would say we are the ones who need to make change and need to force the changes. Probably not by explaining to rich people, how unfair it all is and appealing to their moral principals. They are not stupid, they already know all of this and they do not care. The only way we can make them change and take away their power over us, is by affecting what they hold dear, their institutions and their privileged positions.

There are many and varied ways that this can be done. A good way to start is to understand the tools of persuasion that maintains the privileged position of those at the top. We need to understand how they work, in order to understand how to undo them. We could do this by sitting in the library all day reading books. But by far the quickest way to do this is by doing things, engaging with people, learning with them, organising with them and reconnecting with and rebuilding community institutions.

That’s what this idea is about. Don’t expect any clinically dissected analysis, you won’t find that here. What is hoped for is that the readers interest will be piqued and they will be encouraged to examine the issues a bit closer using common sense to frame things towards their own concerns, rather than being distracted by the media propaganda that is geared towards dissuading people from thinking for themselves.

So we will rely on some common sense and plain English to see our way through and understand some of these scenarios. The only thing you need to remember is. Don’t believe anything you read here, check things out yourself.



NOTE: “They” in this context are the 20% with all the wealth particularly the richest few at the top. “We” are the other 80% who to varying degrees have to suffer and sacrifice so that “they” can maintain their privileged position.