Rekindling the imagination

Action, through understanding, and listening to what needs done is the essence of moving forward. Action for its own sake no matter how clever or perceptive is practically useless if it is out of sink with the time, situation or peoples experience on the ground.

Rekindling of the radical imagination will need to put aside identity politics which has been a running partner with the demise of our community infrastructure, solidarity, unionisation, over the last 30-40 years. Rather than looking and learning so much about ourselves we need to be looking at the struggle and ourselves within it. We can not wait till everything is perfect before we move, or can we hold on to precious principals, when they deny helping to making things better for people. Building vision is about finding things in common and using imagination to galvanise ideas into something bigger, something that is part of our society and much more than the sum of the parts.

Imagination is developed by being open to what seems like at first dislocated elements. An open mind sees more options, recognise’s and connections. We can never have to many ideas. So long as we are focused on the main goal and we have the target in which to shape and organise the ideas around and become aware what may best work for us. If they fail. we have that knowledge to reshape new ones – which is where good ideas come from.