Cycle of desire

Unfortunately it is well known to advertisers that we are capable of happiness through the un-posessing of things.

Getting rid of things is also a road to happiness.
Why work to poses Why buy when we can share? The control of consumption to sensible desirable levels is one of the main factors in achieving an enjoyable life and an imperative in sustaining a healthy planet.

Why do corporations and government preach to us every day that production and economical growth is our most important agenda for survival? Because they know if people (the workers in the boring jobs) start thinking about it they may well reject it They may well discover that there is more to life than giving up your time to wage slavery, then giving back the money that you have earned to the cycle of market consumerism that enslaves you in the first place. And more importantly . Why are we allowing the brainwashing our children into the same consumptive cycle?


The need to examine our own ideas

There are activities in our communities that offer hope and an alternative to the daily grind and television. (some I will highlight on this web site) The ideas of these groups, individuals and institutions who offer creative and empowering alternatives. It is these community values that need nurtured and protected from the agents keen to separate communities from what they should and do hold dear.

And there is a need to debate and examine the foundational requirements to sustain a lasting movement for change within these communities – And how alternative community avoids and protects themselves from becoming part of the same disenpowering system they seek to escape.



Projects for a Participatory Society

Projects for a Participatory Society exists to propose, investigate, debate, explore, and advocate radical ideas for a desirable future.