Planning a vision

These are some the choices we need to consider when planning our vision of community for ourselves our children and their children. We need the strength of these visions to see us through the adversities we will meet on our way to change. Some of it is unpleasant, some of it hurts and some sacrifices need to be made. On the other hand we cease to become helpless victims to the demands of a system that is out to use us.


Poverty, is terror

There is also much to enjoy and learn and new like minded companions to meet along the way. And the thing to think about is. What’s the alternative. Do we carry on as one generation “thinkers” and forget our children futures. Or, do we join the struggle for a freer and better society. Do I want to? There are many who are working towards these ends but there aren’t enough of us. People need to look at what is actually happening around them both locally and globally. And ask the other question. Is this what I want? Our liberty is being eroded by the day, using laws and legislation under guises such as the “war on terror” . The rundown of public services prior to privatization. The privatization of our education system is being planed as I write, and much more on the constraining of our public life. While we wait for terror?


What can I do

There is always much needing done and never enough to do it. But more importantly. After you have asked the question. Do I want to join the struggle for a better world? What you then do is do what you can. You can spend half your life at it or, half your day, when you can. You can lick some stamps, write some letters, give some money each month, offer your morale support attend some meetings, challenge some views, give an opinion. support an action, noise up your MP. What you do, how you do it, how long it takes, how much it costs is not the important thing. The important thing is answering that question. Do I want to join the struggle for a better world? The rest is up to yourself. Then-