Corporate dream

ikea-sheepMuch of corporate business strategy works towards stopping people thinking about the idea that they can be happy through their own efforts.

For instance: In a job that offers some creative challenge; a wage that meets the effort and sacrifice to make it, time after work spent in hobbies and activities rather than exhaustion and television a rent or mortgage that doesn’t absorb half of what you earn, a place for your kids to play and places where teenagers can take-on and learn some of the responsibility of future adulthood, where they can grow and develop. This is far more achievable and I would argue more appealing to most people than the brain melt of television and the plight of the unattainable which makes up most of the programming. The corporate strategy is designed to obscure the former and through its propaganda (PR) to cloak the futility of the latter.

The corporate dream, the goal of controlling everything, is our nightmare. We need to disorganise that dream in order to organise what we want. Sure we can vote and at some levels make progress relying on political professionals. But who is really in charge of our government? Corporations have more control over governments than we do; whether people are happy with the situation of voting a government into power or would be happiest without one. The fact is, at present all that sits between us and total corporate control is the government. Corporations need a strong state power that works in their favour – we need it to work in ours. Corporations have a precise vision of what they want to achieve. We need to counter that with our own vision if we are to make our government work for us.

How do we achieve the change we want? One option could be the same way corporations achieve the opposite of what we want, through vision, solidarity, communication, organisation, planning, finding out what other people in other places are thinking. Finding out about and learning to use and share resources. Learn how to transfer the skill you have on to other areas. Trying things to see if they work, if not try something else. Do small achievable things to build confidence. Feel and grope at first, that’s how anything starts. The thing that makes them happen is the vision they are being built on and through judging their usefulness against our overarching aims. That‚ is what business does, all the time

Big organisations of every description are part of the corporate dream that are attempting to predetermine and counter everything we think. The masses of money, propaganda and trained personnel that are used to keep the corporate myths alive are testimony not to our stupidity but our intelligence. If people are, given the facts they are capable of making rational decisions which is why the efforts of predatory business are trained towards disruption, distraction and controlling the thought process. They know if we are given the time and space to think they are doomed.

The corporate dream can only be realised through our complicity, because corporations need people, but people don’t need corporations – What we need is a dream of our own in order to help build a resistance against them.